In a recent post on Facebook, the question “How do you feel about the term ‘hustle?'” was posed.

Although we’ve somehow been led to believe hustle is a bad thing, in reality it’s a part of life in all we do. Whether it’s our finances, health, relationships, business, you have to hustle. Otherwise you’re living a lukewarm life.

If you’re not willing to hustle, you likely won’t achieve much of what you say you want.

It’s More than a Vision Board

Let’s be real, it takes more than a vision board, affirmations and “thinking” your way to success. It takes hustle. No two ways about it. And when you’re done hustling for today, you get to do it again tomorrow.

Hustle is not a bad thing. It’s a fact of life. When I train for a race I can’t just vision board, affirm or think my way across the finish line. I have to get my butt in gear and hustle the mile after mile after mile during my training days.

The reward is not in crossing the finish line. The reward is what happens on my way to the finish line.

Do I stick with the process? Do I train even when I don’t feel like it? Do I surround myself with the people who will lift me up and encourage me to be my best self? Do I hustle?

Healthy Eating is Part of the Hustle

My hustle includes eating healthy. When I eat the plant-based way I am more fully present with what I need to do.

My plant-based eating is conscious eating. Since going plant-based, I am more fully aware about what I consume. I don’t mindlessly eat crap that doesn’t serve me.

Are you mindful in your eating? Are you aware of what you put into your body? Are you conscious of what you eat on a daily basis?

When you are fully aware of the foods you consume, you can hustle at a higher level.

Plant-based eating allows for a higher level of hustle. No two ways about it.

Good nutrition in, great performance out!