Now that the dust has settled with the recent Google announcement there are new levels of dialogue about what this means.
For some it’s, “Business as usual” while others have to rethink just about every bit of information they put to market.
Those who have produced quality information all along have nothing to worry about. Those who have cranked out garbage are fast falling off the article marketing cliff.
Panic May Set In
Many consultants routinely recommended to their clients to use article marketing as a part of their promotional efforts. Some consultants are in a panic because now they have to come up with something else to recommend to their clients. Others are not concerned at all due to always emphasizing quality and relevance when recommending their clients use article marketing in their mix.
Here’s the deal; anything that improves the quality of information people are developing (and limits the garbage) is a very good thing. Thumbs up to Google.
It Becomes Obsolete
Something that’s important to keep in mind with this change (and many others we have already experienced and will experience in the future) is this… a recommendation to our clients today may be obsolete at some point in the future. We don’t have a crystal ball we can peer into.
However, we can always focus on quality, value and integrity. When we do this all is well in the world.
Flexibility is essential for virtually anyone who is using the Internet to market their business. The rules are constantly changing and there’s not a lot we can do about this. What we can do is keep the right perspective. Additionally, we can strive to ALWAYS deliver excellence.
Bottom line; the recent Google change is a very good thing for anyone who has been producing great content all along.
What are you thoughts on content quality? Comments welcome below.
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