With all that is going on in the world, many people throw up their hands saying, “This is terrible. Somebody needs to do something.”
The fact is, we are each that somebody. It is what happens on a day to day basis that can leave us frustrated, broken and hopeless. Or….
On the other hand, the occurrences that are happening on a more frequent basis can be the inspiration to use our God-given talents to change and heal. It is the opportunity to be the inspiration for what is possible rather than settling for, “That’s just the way it is.”
Shortly after the tragic situation in Orlando, Melissa Ethridge wrote, Pulse. The gut-wrenching song includes lyrics like, “I am human, I am love, and my heartbeats in my blood/ Love will always win, underneath the skin. Everybody’s got a pulse.”

Near and far, the famous and those who are not famous are doing what they can to heal in whatever way they can. Every act of kindness may not wipe out evil, but each act can make a difference to one person. Every kind act can also have a domino effect.
Granted, one song, one poem, one speech, one painting, one book, one hand reaching out to a stranger is not going to make the problems disappear. Yet, each expression can shift perception and put us on a path to healing.
It’s about being conscious of what we can do. It’s about an awareness that we can show, through kindness, there is hope in the world. It’s up to each of us to decide moment by moment, day by day, what the legacy is we wish to leave.
If today were our last day, what is the memory others would have of us? If today were our last day, did we do what we could to be kind to strangers, to family, to friends, to our community and to every single person we come in contact with?
Are we part of the solution of a kinder, more loving world? This is a question that can go so deep and one in which we can say, “Can one person really make a difference?”
I say, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” We each can in our own way.