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Our speakers will be teaching you
cutting edge business information such

*how to become the preferred solution
to your clients’ most pressing problems
*six simple steps to creating passive income
*how to get great marketing results, even on
a small budget
*how to get yourself to actually take action
toward your business goals
*find out if you have the personality to
be a successful solopreneur
*how to use the entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon
*how to use a blog to gain expert status

*how to easily conquer Telephone Terror
when cold-calling
*learn to use SEO to boost your website’s
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*how article marketing can get you
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*how to charge what you are worth…
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You will be learning from some of the
most successful marketing and small
business experts on the planet…

including me! 🙂

*Kathleen Gage
*Alicia Forest
*Rory Cohen
*Janis Pettit
*Terri Z
*Melanie Benson Strick
*The BlogSquad
*Wendy Weiss
*Karyn Greenstreet
*Marnie Pehrson
*Kendall Summerhawk
*Larina Kase

The Marketing Qi Intensive begins
Tuesday, April 1st at 8PM Eastern/NY
so get this written into your calendar now!

Seats are limited so reserve your place

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In success,

Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer

P.S. If you can’t make Tuesdays,
register anyway…all calls will be
recorded (plus, you can also listen
via the internet…NO long-distance
telephone calls required!) for your
later listening…but only if you register!