About a year ago I read a report that claimed 85% of the adult population in the United States has the dream of writing a book. I don’t know if the percentage is actually this high, but I do know many people I come in contact with claim to want to write a book.
For some, they simply want to share valuable information by writing a book. Still others want to create a unique gift for family and friends. Others have visions of fame, fortune, and landing a spot on shows such as the Oprah Show.
Regardless of the reason, the fact is most people will never realize their dream. Why? Because they don’t take the first step towards putting pen to paper (of fingers to keyboard). They simply have the dream. The fact is, a dream with no action is not more than wishful thinking.

Suppose someone does take the action and they write the book. The next step is to either get the book published by a publisher or self-publish.
Fantastic. Let’s assume the book is published. Now comes the one of the most essential aspects the process of the book actually selling (and an often overlooked piece of the puzzle) – marketing the book.
Marketing is something many wanna be authors, newer authors and even some seasoned authors fail to realize is likely one of the most important aspects of getting a book into the reader’s hands.
Many authors would like nothing more than to write a book, have it published and make lots of money. The fact is, the writing of the book may well be the easiest part of the process aside from the publishing.
With all the options of publishing now available, getting a book in print is relatively easy compared to what it used to be. I don’t simply speak from a theoretical point of view; I speak from the position of having four paperback books on the market.
Methods for marketing are only limited by one’s imagination, budget and drive. There are online and offline methods of marketing; some very effective, others not so effective.
Here are only a few methods you can use:
-A webpage specific to the book
-Virtual book tours
-Online joint venture campaigns
-Teleseminars specific to the topic of the book
-Radio and television interviews
-Video book trailers you can post on your website, YouTube or dozens of online locations
-Book reviews in both traditional publications and online locations
-Online book directories
-Online forum groups where readers gather
-Social networks
-Live presentations
-Articles that are posted online and have a link back to a website or online book store that carries the book
There are hundreds, if not thousands of other methods. To get some great ideas (many that are absolutely free), I would highly recommend picking up a copy of John Kremers book, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books.
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In success,
Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer