For years I “pounded the pavement” looking for opportunity. I tried just about everything; except one thing; being myself.
What I discovered was this; as long as I tried to be someone other than who I am, my success was always an arms distance away.
Are you trying to be someone you’re not? Or are you putting your unique self out to the world?
Here’s a great example of someone (actually a whole family) who is being themselves.
One of my favorite shows is Pit Bulls & Parolees hosted by Tia Torres. I’ll be the first to admit this show is not for everyone.
First, you have to love the idea of watching incredible Pit Bull rescues for an hour every Saturday night.
Second, if you think people (or animals) can’t change, then you would never believe the miracles Tia is creating by giving a bunch of throwaway dogs and guys a second chance at a better quality of life.
On the most recent episode, Tia’s oldest daughter, Tania, got married to the love of her life. Without a doubt, the wedding ceremony was very different and not for everyone. But for Tania and her soon to be husband, Perry, it was perfect.
As my partner and I were watching this I said, “Gotta love how they are really who they are. No pretenses. Just rock solid, true to themselves, down to earth people.”
That’s actually one of the appeals to watching the show week after week. I love how authentic it is.
It’s not uncommon for me to send in a donation during the show because I so believe in what they are doing. There are plenty of other reality shows, but many of them seem like a bunch of hype, let me show you how strange I am, bunch of stupid antics. You definitely won’t find this with Tia and the crew.
Actually, I kind of think our little guy loves the show too.
We decided to adopt Chance a year and a half ago based on what we learned from the show.
Without a doubt there are those who would never watch the show, donate or support what Tia and her crew do. So be it. There are millions of others who are raving fans and anxiously await every episode.
Do you have raving fans? Do you have those who would never want to get your information even if you paid them?
Hopefully the answer to both these questions is YES! If not, better look in the mirror to see who you really are and ask yourself this, “Am I being who I really am or a mere shadow of myself based on trying to please people who could care less about who I am?”
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