Making it her life’s work to raise awareness about the underlying dangers of social media, author, Annemarie Berukoff shares her insights into how young women can break free from the chains that bind them on social media.

About the Author

Annemarie Berukoff, author of Teen Girl Faces Time in the Sand, was an educator for 24 years, currently retired, with a deep appreciation of the process of learning and educating; from pointing out the primary importance of perception to critical thinking to making big picture decisions about today’s unprecedented choices and challenges in the Digital Age.
From the vantage point of 70 years, she can’t close her eyes and pretend she can’t see what’s happening. Our biology hasn’t changed but our society and minds are invaded by such inordinate changes. She must ask how she can help others to believe in the kind of world where responsibility is important in a moral, ethical and social society. Her timeline leaves a legacy to protect self-identity in mass media and respect Nature’s rights.
She understands that the one constant for coping with change is to stay resilient and look for innovative solutions with new perceptions and different ways of thinking. Our society, families and planet depend on this focus on what unifies us and matters more than less.
She was born on a pioneer homestead where the value of hard work and rewards were ingrained. She now walks in an online virtual cyberspace both in amazement and fear of unprecedented opportunities to follow one’s passions, hopefully with wisdom and respect for our normal social rites of passage. However, when cultural values are under assault and co-existence with our environment is threatened, then timely education becomes an essential voice as she continues to share new earning objectives, lesson plans and evaluation which are mandatory in coping with such turbulent changes.
She lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, and enjoys family, friends and a small community lifestyle. She’s a cancer survivor and knows there is hope after fury. An internet marketer, blogger, researcher, naturalist and artist with many interests, Annemarie recently wrote two e-books for teenagers about social and environmental changes with definite solutions.
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About the eBook

Who will advocate for teen girls and protect them from internet exploitation when technology has changed so much and their underdeveloped brains are overdeveloping adult mindsets? We know the internet has hugely changed our culture in terms of our jobs, our families, social relationships, lifestyles, goals and world views. Along the way, young teenage girls with their cell phones and Selfies have openly participated in assuming adult roles as portrayed in the Social Media Circus often without any training and different negative results. Growing up is difficult enough with maturation as young adults without diverting their normal social rites to manage, or fail, in meeting objective standards of physical appearance or status expectations. New symbols are used to represent the complexity of Social Media, the developing rash and brash teen brain, and elements of time they can hold in their hands as their responsibility.
Two Questions: Is there a way to show teenage girls that their adolescent brains may have been hacked causing problems and regrets with Selfie addiction, with a discussion about the importance of respecting their timelines?
What if, teen girls can begin to value different ways to protect their personal offline time as important, or more important, than Selfie screen time as a timely antidote to this social conditioning?
Answer: A new e-book called A Teen Girl Faces Time in the Sand is A Timely Tale of Social Media Struggles, Regrets and Survival with a Superpower Tool. The key question is asked in chapter one, “What if, you had the power to see the future and how your actions today may affect it? Would you make the same choices today?”
And so, this story is told of a young adolescent girl’s struggles in a hyper media environment, the realization of her rash and brash brain, her descent into drug addiction, her nightmares of media control, and her gradual awareness of the transient TIME measured not by numbers, counting hours or days, but with blocks and circles of experience as first drawn in the sand and explained by her Grannie. Most importantly, she learns the power of making a smart choice.
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