While most people are content to say, “I’m writing a book,” and they’ve not written the first word, author, Marcia Moran, wrote her book after having a stroke. Some days, she would get two paragraphs completed after writing for hours.
Discover how she kept going, what motivated her and how you can learn that persistence is the key to success.
Marcia Moran has an incredible story. Imagine that you’ve finally arrived where you wanted to in life. You have a great business. Your relationship is solid. Things are going great. And then everything turns upside down because of a stroke.

Life Upside Down

People suddenly find out that when they or their loved one had a stroke, that life is never going to be the same. Marcia Moran discovered this awful feeling when she had her stroke in 2014.
She was paralyzed on the right side and she couldn’t talk. Her husband didn’t know what to do because there really wasn’t anything available for him as an advocate.
They quickly learned what to do. Out of this experience, Marcia found her life calling as an author, an advocate, an inspiration and a woman who has a powerful story to tell.

A Labor of Love – Stroke Forward

Stroke Forward is a labor of love that took four years to write.
From not being able to walk and talk, to writing a powerful book on advocacy, Marcia is a force to be reckoned with.
Discover what happened at the hospital that made it abundantly clear her husband was to become her best advocate.
Out of the experience of the stroke, Marcia was called to write a book.
Her book is perfect for those who have had a stroke, family members, healthcare professionals and those who are ready to arm themselves with valuable information.
Marcia’s message to those who want to write a book but get frustrated?

  • Simply write.
  • Get a coach
  • Don’t try to do it all yourself.

You will discover what you can do to become an advocate for anyone who has had a stroke, TBI or other trauma that leaves them without a voice.
“I hope this book will be read by people who want to arm themselves with insights from someone who went through this,” Marcia says. “And I do hope people will let me know how it helped them and their family.”

Contact Marcia Moran

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/Stroke_Forward
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