Is climate change actually a “thing” or is it simply a hoax? If it’s real, can we do anything about it? Find out what the truth is during my interview with author, Twyla Dell.

Twyla Dell, Ph.D., in environmental studies, is a force to be reckoned with. Committed to raising awareness about the damage our fuel consumption is having, Twyla reveals simple systems virtually anyone can implement to do their part on the changing climate.
Twyla had her childhood beginnings on a farm in Oregon and her high school years on the beaches of central California. There she witnessed mother nature at work in two very different settings. She realized we are all the agents of environmental change, and each of our individual energy consumption habits assemble to create the global impact and force we see currently taking place.
Over the years, she became increasingly passionate about the state of the environment. Since 1990 Twyla has offered environmental education programs to business and community leaders, teachers and students.
If you are a Kansas City citizen, her latest book, Fueling Change: The Once and Future Kansas City, One City’s Love Affair with Wood, Coal and Gasoline will open your eyes to our city’s history and the effects of energy transitions on a particular population. Beyond Kansas City, Twyla’s book has a message that is relevant to all regions of the United States and beyond.