One of the best ways to sell lots of books from the comfort of your home is to do an online book launch campaign. When done right you can sell hundreds, even thousands of books in a very short period of time.

However, one launch is not the end all be all to a successful book. It is the start of other great opportunities. Your job is to continue to promote your book and other products and services you have available.

However, before you  can do that you need to always provide incredibly high value to your market.

To get the most out of any book launch you must take specific actions and avoid common mistakes. Take a look at one of the common mistakes people make when doing an online book launch campaign.

  • Inconsistent or no follow up. If you have your systems set up you would be able to collect the contact information from many of your buyers. Once you do you can follow up. Many authors don’t. Automation will lessen or alleviate this challenge.
  • Too much follow up. Over saturating the market. Be careful not to be overzealous. Keep in mind that readers are inundated with emails coming from a number of people. Do what you can to keep your value high and plan out your campaigns.
  • Getting sidetracked with unimportant tasks. Prioritize what you need to do, write a daily to do list, and learn to say no.
  • Not laying a solid foundation.This will cause you to build a campaign that can quickly fall apart. It is better to take time to put your systems in place in order to have a smooth running campaign rather than jumping from thing to thing not achieving the results you desire.
  • Resting on your laurels. Simply put, keep at it. Think of other ways you can serve your readers. Look at the big picture.

Take time to put a good promotions plan together to reap the greatest benefits. You will be glad you did.