For over 12 hours myself and 800 men and women drank in information from Brendon Burchard during Day One of the four day Experts Academy conference.
The day was capped off by bestselling author, Debbie Ford sharing her insights into what it takes to make it as an author.
Both Brendon and Debbie agree that no matter how good a book is the author MUST take responsibility for marketing and sales. Whether that means you as the author will do the actual footwork or hire someone you absolutely must be accountable for the process.
Major Barriers to Entry
In years past the only way to get a book to market was through a traditional publisher or a very laborious process of self publishing. There was no such thing as print on demand.
Barriers to entry for the majority of authors was so restrictive that most died with their book inside of them.
Anyone who has the dream of writing a book likely believes you have a very important message to share with others. Unfortunately, it takes more than a belief to get your message out to your market.
It takes strategic marketing. Without marketing your book likely won’t sell many copies.
Consider the following three questions.

  • What is your message you are compelled to get out?
  • How would others benefit from what you have to say?
  • What are you willing to do to get your message out?

These questions and more were posed throughout the 12 hour training session.
The reason most experts crave getting their message out is they want to inspire, leave a legacy and transform others through their words. Regardless of the genre you write in there are those who NEED to read your words.
Thus resides the problem. You know there are others who would definitely benefit from your message yet the thought of finding a publisher and then marketing your book(s) is daunting at best.
The Game Changer
Enter Kindle; the game changer. No longer does any author have any limitations to what is possible. That is, other than themselves. But that’s a topic for another discussion.
The great news is virtually anyone can publish their works and reach a global market through the power of the Kindle book format. More great news is you can literally get your Kindle book online and in less time than you can imagine take that book to the top of the charts… if you know what you are doing.
Here’s the deal; once you get your book done you absolutely must let potential readers know about your book. Simple as that. You cannot avoid this.
In the years I’ve been working with authors the #1 challenge the majority have is knowing how to market their works. Not only knowing how to market but doing so in a very cost effective way.
This is where many authors hit a major roadblock. It doesn’t have to be this way.
There are some very simple, easy to implement systems you can put in place to market your books with little, if any, out of pocket expenses.
Fulfill Your Dream
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