“Age is nothing but a number,” says 77-year-old bodybuilder, Ernestine Shepherd. With no sign of slowing down, Ernestine is an example of what’s possible no matter how old we are.
Yet, so many people let age define their lifestyle.
It’s all about beliefs. Our beliefs can either move us forward or hold us back. It’s amazing how many people use age as a reason they can’t fulfill a lifelong dream.
For some, the magic number is 40. For others 50. Yet for others 60 and beyond.
Yet, like with Ernestine Shepherd, a quick look around will reveal some amazing men and women who are not letting age stop them from raising the bar of life.
What’s even more exciting is that many men and women are writing their first book at an age when society says we should slow down.

Wendy Ida

A great example of someone defying the odds is Wendy Ida. At the age of 65, rather than slowing down, Wendy is ramping things up.
Author of Take Back Your Life, Wendy is also an 8-time award winning National Champion of the NPC Body Building and Figure Championships. She is also a Strive to Thrive Fitness Expert who tours around inspiring others to achieve more in their lives than they thought possible.
But it wasn’t always this way for Wendy. At one point, she was extremely overweight, in an abusive relationship and had no direction in her life.
Deciding she had to make changes, Wendy went on a quest to create a life that is night and day from what it was.

Joan Lubar

Another incredible role model of what’s possible as we age is Joan Lubar. Joan’s first book, Rock and Roll at Any Age, was published when Joan was 74. Now 75, Joan shows no signs of wanting to slow down.
Joan has more energy than women half her age. In her book, Joan shares her own journey of what drives her to be a great model of what’s possible as we age.
Joan also shows that you’re never too old to write your first book. A favorite on podcast and radio shows, Joan loves presenting to various size groups about how to live a vibrant life.
While others are resigning to the fact life slows down as we age, Joan proves this does NOT have to be your reality.

David Lee

One of my favorite examples of someone who is shattering stereotypes is my friend, David Lee. Author of The Happiness Handbook, at the age of 87 there’s no indication that David plans to slow down.
Often referred to as the man of many visions, David Lee is the quirky, visionary, inspirational creator of the absurdly insightful collection of amusing messages called True Fortunes.
David Lee’s colorful career spans over six decades and includes an array of expertise including designer, marriage and family therapist, hypnotherapist, inventor, marketing executive, mechanical engineer and entrepreneur.
David’s background includes supervising the mechanical design of the rocket engine for Lunar Excursion Module that landed the first astronauts on the moon. Additionally, he designed a hermetically-sealed explosive release mechanism for satellites.
There is so much to the amazing man. More than I can put in this post. You can read more about David at http://truefortunes.com/who-is-david-lee/.

Let Your Age Propel You

Your life is either a warning of what not to do or an inspiration of what’s possible. Much of it has to do with the daily choices you make.
Like Ernestine, Wendy, Joan and David, you can choose to be an example of what’s possible.  What I love most about Wendy, Joan and David is that they wrote their first book late in life.
Don’t use your age as an excuse. Rather, use it as fuel to inspire others to live their fullest life.
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