I’m often asked by authors how to sell more books. One of the best ways is to be seen, heard and known. The best way to do that is with content marketing. 
Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not necessarily promote a brand but is intended to generate interest in its products or services.
What would be different if you could get in front of the people who are most receptive to what you do? Whether it be to sell your books, sell products and services, get booked for speaking engagements, or fill a mastermind retreat, it all starts with people knowing you exist.
Enter content marketing.


A huge key to success with content marketing is consistency. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had someone say, “I tried content marketing but it just doesn’t work!”
When I ask them what they’ve done, the reason it doesn’t work is due to minimal effort and a hit and miss approach.
The tell themselves the same story over and over. It’s time for a new story.
In order for content marketing to work, you have to put quality information out to market on a fairly regular basis. This allows you to rise above the noise.
It’s likely you feel overwhelmed with the amount of information you consume on a daily basis. Yet, there are some people you are a raving fan of and are anxious to consume (read, listen to or watch) whatever they put online.
Your market is the same. If you have great information, they want as much of you as possible.
However, you want to make sure you’re using current information. If you’re using a strategy from ten years ago, you may not get the result you seek at all.
This video is more perspective on content marketing and why you need to be focused on getting your content out to market.

Any expert who does not regularly create and distribute content online is missing a great deal of opportunity.

There’s Already So Much Out There

“But there are already books written, videos created, interviews done about X!” is the battle-cry of those who say they want visibility but refuse to put themselves out there.
It doesn’t matter if there already is information online. Actually, on second thought, it does matter. It may indicate a strong market possibility if you find information from other experts online.

What Are Your Habits?

Think about your own content consumption habits. Likely, when you have an interest in something, you immediately go online to search for videos, podcast episodes, blogs or any number of social media groups to learn more. I know I do.
My most recent exploration is on plant-base eating. I’ve had an interest in nutrition for quite a long time. Admittedly, I’m one of those who can eat great for a time and then backslide. Until four days ago, I was on a backslide. This happened after I participated in my first ever sprint triathlon.
I have to wonder if I was so burnt from all the training that I just threw in the towel. But I digress. On Saturday, I was watching TedX Talks on a number of topics. You see, I am toying with the idea of getting on a TedX stage. Wanting to research others who have done this, I happened upon talks about plant-base eating.
One thing led to another and before I knew it, I consumed over 2 hours of talks, bought four books between Amazon and eBay, downloaded several Kindle books AND hooked up with a few of the speakers.
My interest had been reignited. Imagine if any one of the books I bought was never written. Or if the speaker never set foot on the platform. Or if the websites I happened upon was never set up.
The fact is, one buyer is not going to make or break you. But if you don’t have content, you’ll never reach any buyers.
As a side note, one of my favorites is from Pat McAuley. Eat Green Make Green is about his journey into plant based eating. Lots of good information and it’s an easy and fast reach. Get your copy here.

Animal Cruelty

Another benefit (for me) to plant-based eating is to minimize my footprint on animal cruelty. It’s a fact, farmed animals are subjected to incredibly cruel environments. There’s nothing cute about it. As an animal enthusiast and someone who has a lot of rescues that found their forever homes (like Dustin, one of our horses),  not eating meat is so in alignment with my values.
But again, I digress. Back to content marketing.

Make Content Marketing A Part of Your Model

Bottom line is this; you have to plan to create content. If you don’t, it’s most likely not going to happen.
Map out the type of information your market is craving. What are they hungry for. (I’m thinking of my next plant based meal LOL) But seriously, if you don’t plan it, it’s going to remain an idea with no implementation.

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