Many nonfiction writers dream of writing a book in hopes of having a major impact on their readers. They want to shift perception around a situation.
Whether it be someone who writes about improving teams, creating better relationships, increasing a company’s revenues, or how to eat healthier, often, the bottom line is the author (expert) is committed to providing solutions to a problem.
In essence, it can be about using their talent as a writer to fulfill their purpose.
If you’re an expert (influencer) have you thought about what your purpose is? I mean REALLY thought about it.
It can be one of those overwhelming questions that we occasionally think about but never really dig into.

My First Experience

I remember when I wrote my first book, Message of Hope. The writing started out as a series of thoughts around life.
I had recently lost a dear friend to a heart attack. Van was only 36 years old. A life cut short way too soon.
Writing about my feelings and thoughts gave me comfort around the loss of my friend. Every morning I wrote and wrote and wrote.
I turned my writings into a booklet. Shortly after that the booklet became a book.
What I hadn’t anticipated were the number of people who said the book impacted them deeply. Truthfully, this had not been my intention when I first began this unexpected journey.
Granted, for years I dreamed of having a book published, but little did I know how my first book would come to be.

Dozens of Books

Since that time, I’ve written several books, co-authored even more and been a contributing writer to numerous anthology books. Some have been spiritual in nature while others have been business books.
I now consult on how to get a book to market, how to use a book to build your business and how to generate multiple streams of revenue with a book being at the core of the process.

Luck Has Very Little to Do with It

“You’re so lucky,” I often hear from those who dream of writing a book, but they have yet to get around to it.
Then there are those who have started the process of writing, but they don’t stick with it.
There are also those who have self-published a book, but have not done anything to market their “baby.”
With virtually every person, the reason they never get beyond where they are at is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of not doing it right.
Let’s be clear… luck is not the deciding factor. Focus, commitment and action steps are.

Going Beyond Fear

What gets successful authors beyond the fear is tapping into the bigger vision of why they want their book(s) to get in the hands of their readers.
It also goes back to their purpose. Their mission. Their why.
This is often one of the first areas I focus on with my clients. Digging into their higher purpose to go beyond where their small self wants to keep them.
In the years I’ve been a published author, there have been plenty of times I hit the wall of fear. Yet, each time, I worked through it.
The most recent episodes were when I was writing the first draft of my soon-to-be-released memoir. I soon discovered that writing a memoir is very different than writing a business book.
From all I read, heard, and researched, if your palms are not sweating, you’re not going deep enough into your story. Little did I know how true this would be as I wrote my memoir.
What got me through the raw and revealing stories that unfolded, is knowing my memoir is a part of my purpose, mission and big why.
The stories reveal the journey I’ve taken from a life of confusion, drinking, drugs and literally ending up on the streets to one of clarity and purpose. The book carries a message that will make a difference to many people. To not share it would be letting fear hold me back from the bigger picture of my life.
Fear shows up in many ways. It’s not uncommon for someone to know they have a bigger job to do then their job description. Yet, they don’t always know how to get through the fear.

Dozens of Experts Show How to Overcome the Fear

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