3rd party endorsements work. An endorsement is someone else telling others how great your information is.
It’s easier to convince others of how good your book, info product or presentation is when someone else says so.
Sure, you can say, “My stuff is great. Get it,” but there’s something to be said when someone else says so.
For example, what Ilene Dillon wrote about my Hit #1 on Amazon report is powerful in letting people know this is a very content filled resource (and it’s FREE)…
Kathleen, you’ve done it again! As a person who wants to “Hit #1 on Amazon,” your report by that name gives me everything I need–except for the elbow grease! Thank you for giving me what needs to be done–and when, as well as addressing the “whether to’s” that arise when launching a new book. Your step-by-step guidance is both remarkable and indispensable! You’ve left nothing to chance. Thank you!
Ilene Dillon, MSW
Although most people buy or download something based on 3rd party endorsements, many authors never do much of anything to secure reviews or endorsements. They wait for someone to send them a glowing review…. and wait and wait and…
You will get more endorsements if you do one simple thing… ask.

There are a few ways to ask.

  • At the beginning and end of your book.
  • When you do a launch and people opt into your list for a bonus gift, you can add a request or two to the series of AR’s (auto-responder messages).
  • After the fact with a simple email message.

The main thing is to be proactive. Don’t wait for someone to send you a review and endorsement. Ask.
Additionally, your book and info product have to be well written. Don’t expect to get rave reviews if what you created is garbage. Even if your information is free, it has to be really, really good.
Recently, I sent a message out to those who downloaded my Hit #1 on Amazon report. Within minutes I received several responses.
Imagine how much more enticing your book or info product is with reviews like these.
Kathleen Gage’s free report on Hit #1 on Amazon is amazing! It has excellent content, just what you need to know to get your book online. There is so much more to think about than just writing your book, it is your baby, your creation and you want to share it with the world.
I found the report very useful because it addresses the prelaunch, the launch and post launch with such clarity. Plus, issues that some of us authors do not think or want to think about such as marketing. If you are going to be an author, marketing has to be in the center of your mind, after all, we want as many people as possible to enjoy, and learn from our books, don’t we?
Kathleen even tells you how to get the most out of Amazon by the areas you need to focus on such as Author Central, your book description and checking out the right categories for your book. In her report she even gives practical examples of how you get onto Amazon. Oh, I cannot do this report justice, you need to go and read it for yourself. I am so glad I downloaded it, I guarantee you will be too!
Delece Ford
The three stages of pre-launch, launch and post-launch are invaluable, detailed, but not heavy. I also really liked the part about whether bonuses work. I agree they have to be totally attuned to the offer.
Was it worth downloading? Absolutely, as soon as I finish my current book in progress, I will be referring to this document frequently to market it.
Mary Alice Murphy
Without a doubt, endorsements work. As an author, you need to do all you can to tip the scales in your favor for people to WANT to get your book. As someone who may also create information products, endorsements will help you sell more. In reality, others are tooting your horn and making it very clear how good your stuff is.


In most cases, it’s a matter of asking. Something as simple as, “Would you do me a big favor. After reading my book, would you write a short paragraph about what you found most useful?”
It’s as simple as that.

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