In a recent post on securing endorsements, I shared some simple ways to get endorsements for your books.

  • At the beginning and end of your book.
  • When you do a launch and people opt into your list for a bonus gift, you can add a request or two to the series of AR’s (auto-responder messages).
  • After the fact with a simple email message.

Without a doubt, endorsements do sell books. Think of your own book buying process. Chances are you heard about a book that struck your interest, but weren’t quite sure if you really wanted “one more book” to add to your personal library.
Your decision was made after reading a few really good endorsements (reviews).
Securing endorsements is like any other aspect of book marketing; something you should put effort into.
Some authors think that paying for endorsements is the way to go. It’s not! What you want are real endorsements from real readers.
My colleague, Shelly Hitz, has a great recommendation on how to begin the process.
Make a List
The first step to getting endorsements is to make a list of who you would like to ask.  At this stage, don’t limit yourself.  Think of anyone and everyone you would like to endorse your book.
Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Colleagues in your field who are also successful.
  • Experts you admire and/or follow.
  • People who endorsed books similar to yours.

Once you have your list, narrow it down to the people you want to contact.
Making a list does take time and thought, but the results can be fantastic.
Rock & Roll
Author, Joan Lubar, was very clear on one person she wanted to secure an endorsement from. When she approached Dr. Christine Northrup for an endorsement for her book, Rock and Roll at Any Age, she had a well thought through approach. As a fan of Dr. Northrup, she approached her in a way that Dr. Northrup knew Joan was truly interested in her perspective on her book.
Taking time upfront definitely paid off. Joan was able to secure a fantastic endorsement from Dr. Northrup. No doubt, this one endorsement has encouraged people to buy Joan’s book.
The best part of all is this; when you sell books, you open up other opportunities such as speaking gigs.
Endorsements work for more than books. You can get them for information products, giveaways, speaking engagements, and even consulting.
However, it is important to be strategic on how you secure them. This simply takes clarity and focus.

Asking is the Simplest Way

Recently, I sent an email to a group of people who downloaded my FREE Report – Hit #1 on Amazon asking for feedback on the report. A very simple ask.
The response I received was amazing. So much in fact, we added several of the endorsements to the information page for the FREE Report.
Although it’s been over a week since asking for input, I’m still getting responses. Rather than sit on the endorsements and not do anything with them, I’m able to use them in other parts of my marketing… like this blog post.
One response came in a couple of days ago. Imagine if I stopped with what’s on the landing page. It would be a mistake to not share the endorsement George sent.

George Stavrou here from The Stavrou Method and SixtyMag giving you my feedback on Kathleen Gage’s great report “Hit # 1 on Amazon: What every author must know to get to the top of the biggest online bookseller”


Kathleen begins by going into great detail on the three phases of a successful launch
– pre-launch
– launch
– post-launch

Many authors fall into the trap of sending out a few emails or social media posts with the hope of getting the attention of potential buyers.

They fail to realize the importance of the three phases that Kathleen covers in great depth and how it can make or break a successful launch.


She also discusses how to get the most out of Amazon. There are three areas to optimize

1 – author central

2 – book description

3 – categories

If the above were not enough to convince you to get your hands on her special report – there is also some great info to help you with raising awareness for your efforts. Here are just a few examples worth exploring:
– Social media marketing
– Media releases
– Email marketing
– Interviews
– Blogging
– Guest blogging
– Virtual book tours
– Book website

This and much, much more!

If you are a new or current author that wants to learn how to reach the coveted # 1 spot on Amazon, I HIGHLY recommend you get a copy of Kathleen Gage’s special report “Hit # 1 on Amazon: What every author must know to get to the top of the biggest online bookseller”
If you follow her advice in this report, you are almost guaranteed to be a best-seller!
George Stavrou – President, The Stavrou Method And SixtyMag
Without a doubt, George’s words WILL encourage people sitting on the fence to download the report. This creates a win/win/win.
Win for me in that new people are introduced to my work. Win for those who download the report in that they are getting rock solid information on how to market their books. And win for George Stavrou in that he is getting more visibility for The Stavrou Method and SixtyMag.

Put Effort Into the Process

As with anything, when you put effort into what you’re doing, you are likely to have better outcomes. Put effort into securing endorsements. You will be amazed at how well they work for you.
Ready to download the report George highly endorsed? Simply go to, read the reviews and make your decision.