I’m amazed at how often people talk themselves out of doing something because someone else has already done it… like writing a book about a specific topic.
The fact is, there can be dozens of books on a topic and yours may rise to the top. But you’ll never know unless you do it.

In yesterday’s post, I talked about how experts so conveniently talk themselves out of writing a book, creating videos, or simply putting blog posts out to market.
“But there are already books written, videos created, interviews done about X!” is the battle-cry of those who say they want visibility but refuse to put themselves out there.
Today, I share an example from a client who was hemming and hawing until I finally said, “Quit thinking about it and just DO IT!”
Within an hour she shot a video and posted on YouTube with a fabulous tip. It was a 3 minute video that has had quite a few views.
And to think, if she didn’t post it, people wouldn’t view it.
So what are you waiting for? Post your content.