As a writer, it’s likely you tap into what many call, “intuition.” I know I do.
In a recent conversation with my sister, fine artist Lorraine Lawson, we talked about our own process for creation. It’s amazing how similar our strategy is around allowing ideas to flow through intuition.
Writers, artists, musicians, photographers, and all types of creatives often go through a comparable process of creation… tapping into that space in time that allows our expressions to simply flow.
Yet, many others get stuck. This likely happens due to getting into the logical side of who we are, rather than the creative, intuitive side.
When I get stuck it’s usually me relying solely on my logical side, rather than letting ideas flow from my intuitive side.
When I allow myself to be in the intuitive side, ideas flow. Words flow. Concepts flow.
Lorraine said she does the same thing when she is in her intuitive, creative mode.
Create First, Then Analyze
Over the years, I’ve written millions of words. Some of my words became books. Others became information products, articles and blog posts.
The only way this has been possible is to allow my creative side to simply release the ideas that have come to me. I let the words flow and then go into “clean up” mode after I’ve done a writing “download.”
If I try to make my writing perfect from the start, I tend to get blocked. If, on the other hand, I simply let the words pour out of me, I have a lot to work with.
Watch Ego… It’s out to Stop You
We all have an ego. Ego can serve us, but it can also attempt to hold us back. When in the “hold back mode” it’s that part of ourselves that wants to keep us in our comfort zone. That part that tries to convince us not to try anything beyond what is safe in order not to fail.
When we play it safe, we are not willing to take risks. Not taking risks means we aren’t willing to let others see our creations, fearing we will be judged.
No matter what you do, no matter how safe you play it, you will be judged. You must decide if judgement by others will fuel you or hold you back.
Intuition Allows us to Go Beyond Our Comfort Zone
Intuition is simply the process of how the subconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind.
One of the best ways to cultivate intuition is to take quiet time with minimal distractions. Whether it be a formal process of meditation or a walk in nature, taking time to get quiet allows for ideas to surface.
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