One of the greatest ways to promote a book is with
free publicity. It is not difficult to secure publicity if you know what you
are doing. With all that is available on the Internet it’s even easier than
ever. The fact is, many times your potential readers will pay attention to free
publicity more than they do with paid advertising…especially when it comes to
promoting a book.


There are ample opportunities to get publicity if
you keep your eyes and ears open. Some authors make a feeble or one-time
attempt at gaining publicity and if they don’t immediately get massive coverage
they give up. They are under the mistaken notion that either they will never
get free publicity by their own efforts. They either give up or they believe
they have to hire a PR firm.


For someone on a limited budget, hiring a PR firm
may not be a solution. The fact is, you can learn how to get publicity by your
own efforts; and lots of it. You can literally get thousands, tens of thousands
or even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free publicity if you know where
to focus your attention.


Social networks are fast becoming a great way to
get visibility thus creating the opportunity for publicity. Think of it this
way; you become a reliable source in specific areas. People know they can count
on you for great information. Over time, people turn to you as an expert. And
some of those people may likely be in a position to give you exposure via the Internet
through web radio, teleseminars, other social networks and blogs.


The key is to gain the mindset that you are a
resource before you are a vendor. It is also to see how you can create win/win
opportunities for others. Do that and publicity will be yours for a long time
to come.


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In success,


Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer™