There are countless ways to promote your books. Yet, most authors never do much of anything. They think that somehow, some way, their books will miraculously find their way into the hands of readers.
Sure, there’s the rare occasion a book does seem to take on a life of its own, but before that happens there are usually steps the author, publisher or agent takes to get the word out.
In a perfect world, authors could write and never have to promote. But this is not realistic. As an author, you must be willing to promote your books.
Promotions don’t have to be unpleasant. Actually, promotions can be a lot of fun.
Personally, I enjoy promoting my books. Yet, many authors I talk to act as if this is one of the most grueling things they need to do.

Raise Awareness

Think of promotions like this… it’s simply raising awareness about your book.
A few ways to raise awareness are interviews, blogging on your own blog, guest blogging, social media such as tweeting and posting on Facebook and YouTube videos.
It’s important to be consistent with your marketing. Rather than mentioning your book once and then calling it a day, imagine what would happen if you did something every single day to raise awareness.
Even if you invested 15 minutes a day to market your book, you would be further ahead than the majority of authors who do nothing more than a post once on Facebook only to be left wondering why no one is buying their book.

The Waiting Game

Or worse yet, there are the authors who list their books on Amazon and then wait and wait and wait for sales to come pouring in.
Newsflash! You won’t sell books unless you (or someone you hire) does something to market your book.
The sooner you realize this, the better.
Even something as simple as a daily tweet will get you a little bit of traction.
One client I’m working with is tweeting tips from her book with the link to her Amazon page. The tips engage, the link drives traffic.

Action Equals Results

The more you do, the greater your result. Think Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hanson when it comes to promotions. One reason they enjoyed phenomenal success with the Chicken Soup for the Soul™ series is due to their focus and daily actions. Radio was among the many things they made a commitment to.
“Radio interviews have been one of the cornerstones in the massive success of our Chicken Soup books.” – Mark Victor Hansen – #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and Co-Creator, “Chicken Soup For The Soul” Series.
During the launch of their first Chicken Soup book, Jack and Mark sought out every interview opportunity they could find. As the story goes, they often did several interviews a day. Knowing the power of this medium, both authors left no stone un-turned to reach as many people as possible through the power of radio.
Yet, you may not want to work as hard as they did. Did you know you can put your book promotions on auto-pilot?

He Cracked the Code

One person who has cracked the code of auto-pilot book sales is Derek Doepker.
Derek has a system that is so simple, any author can use it.
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