Some of the most obvious forms of marketing online are with ads, articles, through social marketing and your blog. An extremely overlooked strategy is to announce to your market when you receive an award or recognition. Not only are you getting your name out to market, you are also enhancing your credibility and expert status.
The more you are perceived as an expert who has a high level of credibility the more you stand out from the competition.
So, let’s assume you just received a highly coveted award. Don’t just let you immediate family and circle of friends know about it. Do all you can to get the word out.
Here are a few of the steps you can take.

1. Write and distribute a Media Release about the recognition
2. Mention on your Facebook page
3. Create a short video that you can post on YouTube and various other video sites
4. Have others let their readers know about your recognition
5. Blog about it
6. Tweet about the recognition and include the permalink to your blog posting
To show you what I mean, I am posting a media release about Lorraine Lawson of Lorraine Lawson Fine Arts. Lorraine recently received The 2009 People Choice Award from the San Jose Mercury and News.
As Lorraine’s promotions adviser the first thing I recommended was developing a media release. The release is posted below. We are also posting the media release on various online locations, distributing to local media in the Silicon Valley area as well as announcing on Lorraine’s FB page.
We are also asking others to post a mention on their FB page and to tweet about it. We are not only adding to my blog, but other blogs and doing our own tweeting about this.
Here is the media release. I would invite you to comment on this post and also on the media release in the comment box below.

Lorraine Lawson Fine Arts Gallery recognized as The San Jose Mercury’s 2009 Readers’ Choice

June 29, 2009, Campbell, CA – Lorraine Lawson Fine Arts Gallery has been recognized as the 2009 Readers’ Choice of The San Jose Mercury News. Selected as the top rated art gallery of Silicon Valley, the coveted award is well deserved.
Located in the heart of downtown Campbell, California, Lorraine Lawson Fine Arts showcases the original works of Belgium-born Lorraine Lawson who was raised in Silicon Valley but influenced by the works of Gustave Flasschoen (1868-1940), her great-grandfather.
“Growing up around his art had a profound effect on me in a technical way. I would lose myself in his paintings, studying his brushstrokes, feeling as if I were there as he rendered them,” comments Lawson.
A favorite destination point for art enthusiasts from near and far, the highly acclaimed Lorraine Lawson Fine Arts Gallery also carries the works of a choice group of other fine artists.
Selections in the gallery range from landscapes, seascapes, and florals, to expressionistic abstracts in pastel, acrylic, oil, and mixed media.
Lorraine’s works can be found throughout the Silicon Valley and beyond in restaurants, physicians’ and dentists’ offices, corporate lobbies and many exclusive homes. She is also represented by the Dayle Dunn Gallery in Half Moon Bay.
To view the works of Lawson and other fine artists stop by the gallery located at 295 E Campbell Ave., Campbell, California or call (408) 838-3533
About Lorraine Lawson
Lorraine Lawson began painting, sculpting and drawing nearly five decades ago. Lorraine’s dedication to her unique gift has proven to be rejuvenating and fulfilling beyond words. The world is more stunning because of her dedication.
Her abstracts are a study in texture and movement, leaving the defining impression or emotion to be decided by the viewer.
Lorraine is a member of Los Gatos Art Association, Pacific Art League of Palo Alto, Discover art League, Discovery Bay, CA., Redwood Art Association, Redwood City, CA., and The Art Museums of Los Gatos.
As a tribute to her great grandfather, Lorraine is currently working on a proposal for an exhibit to The Art Museums of Los Gatos. “To honor him by showing the collection held by myself and other ancestors would be a gift to the community” comments Lorraine. “His works rival the master European impressionists of his time”.
Lorraine resides in Campbell, California with her husband, Dan Lawson.
For interviews contact Lorraine Lawson at or (408) 838-3533.