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You will learn…
•    How to write, market and publish a book with no out-of-pocket expense
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•    How to discover the power and profit that comes from being an established author in your market
•    The pros and cons to writing your book and becoming a published author
•    Discover amazing opportunities that come from being a published author
•    How to set up your own publishing company even if you are on a very limited budget
Kathleen’s simple process for completing your book in record time. A process that she has used for dozens of books (both traditional and eBased). A process that you can use to make thousands upon thousands of dollars, position yourself as an expert and immediately increase your credibility with your market.
Whether your expertise is in the holistic health market, dog training, animal rescue, childcare, boomer women and/or men, relationships or just about anything the information in this report can work for you.
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