Fulfilling Activities

One of my favorite weekend activities is attending Sunday service at the Center for Spiritual Living Eugene. Reverend Linda never disappoints with a message that is spot on.

The first service of the year was no exception. Reverend Linda gave a great talk about how you can tell what a person values in one of two ways; look at their bank account and look at their calendar.

How often do we talk about how important something is and yet, when we pull back the covers we see that our words don’t match our actions nor where we make financial commitments?

A quick look at our bank account and calendar reveal a lot. Where did we put our time and money?

Often, we say we want something or are committed to something, but when we evaluate what we have done, the truth is not the same as our words.

Memory Serves Me Well

As the talk continued, I scanned my memories of the previous 12 months to determine if what I said and what I did matched.

There was much in alignment. Specifically, to do with my commitment to running on a regular basis which included participating in multiple races throughout the year.

Over the past year, I put hundreds of hours into training in between the races I participated in. The average investment for each race is between $25 – $50. Add to that the gear that makes the sport safer and more enjoyable, and I know I stayed with the process.

Add to that, my frequent visits to the gym and it was obvious to me how congruent my words and actions have been.

I smiled as I thought about how far I’ve come with the sport and my health.

Where Was I Out of Alignment?

As Reverend Linda continued, I thought about other areas I claimed to be important and yet, a closer look revealed to me that perhaps I was playing lip service to my priorities.

One is my spiritual development. Sure, I frequently meditate, journal and pray. I attend Sunday Service and yet, often, rather than attend classes at the Center I know I would enjoy and benefit from, I find excuses for not leaving my home in the evening which is when most of the classes take place.

As I think about the year to come, I realize that if I want to go deeper into my spiritual development there are things I can do that will enhance my connection with Source. These things will require time and financial commitments.

Now it’s up to make to take the initiative to do what I know will give me a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment.

It’s not that I don’t have a sense of purpose and it’s not that I don’t feel fulfilled, but I know it can improve. To get the most out of life, it’s up to me to put appropriate effort into what I do.

Moving Forward

As we move into the New Year, my commitment to running and participating in races is more important than ever. Not just for what it does for my state of mind, but also my physical health.

Something huge that changed for me a few weeks ago is giving up meat. I blogged about the reasons why. Check it out.

In searching for meat alternatives, I found a product that is rated very high. On a recent trip to the grocery store I bought a few packs of the Morning Star Crumbles. They are a great alternative to beef for spaghetti, tacos or anything where ground beef is called for.

There are plenty of choices for someone who is meat free. Again, it’s up to me to make the choices that are in alignment with what I say is important.

Saying we are committed to something and putting our time and money into what we are committed to can be two very different scenarios.

Are you in Alignment?

What is it you say you’re committed to? If you were to evaluate your calendar and bank account, what truth would be revealed?

Would you be in alignment or would your words be different than reality?

Whatever the answer, it’s never too late to take the necessary steps to live in alignment and congruency.