am giving away one-on-one mentoring with me. Before I tell you about this I
want to share some thoughts I have had recently.


the last few weeks I have done an extreme amount of soul searching about life and
the legacy we leave behind. As an author, I know how important it is to leave a
legacy behind; especially in the form of books.


Sadly, many authors live in the space of
“Someday”. “Someday I will finish my book; someday I will get my book to
market; someday …..”


most people know, tomorrow is not promised. Sure, we can hope to see tomorrow,
but life can change in an instant.


day one gets out of “someday” into today is the day they will no longer settle
for living in tomorrow, but realize they must live for today.


all that is available for authors today, there is no reason you cannot get your
book to market sooner than you dreamed possible.


promote your book online methods are a
must do. Online systems are efficient and cost effective ways to reach your
market, sell lots of books and leave your legacy – if you know what you are


most authors will sell very few of their books simply because they don’t know
how to market.  As a matter of fact,
countless authors lose money on their books.


you know how to market your books amazing things can happen.


it be sad to never have your book reach the readers you dream of impacting?


Read how you can market your book FR*EE



the last few years I have taught thousands of authors proven methods for
gaining lots of visibility for their books. The most effective way is with an
Amazon.com book launch. However, it has been a while since I have offered a
live, free call on the topic.


I know how important it is for authors to have the skills and tools to market
their books, I am offering a FR*EE teleseminar on how to become an Amazon.com
bestseller on October 29th.


is the absolute last time this year I will be offering this teleseminar. So if
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am doing something very special on this call. I will select two people from
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right. I’m giving away coaching. You must be on the call in order to be


you need to do is register for the call to be eligible for complimentary
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FR*EE teleseminar

29, 2008

– 11 a.m. Pacific