The dream of many speakers is to get on a Ted Talk stage. Yet, the competition to do so is fierce. The entire speaking industry has become very competitive.
Speakers dream of making big bucks jetting around the globe, getting on huge stages with no end it site.
For an elite group of experts, this is their reality. For most speakers, this is far from their day-to-day existence.
Many speakers struggle to find paid gigs. They search out conference opportunities, training gigs, local association meetings and keynote engagements.
The fact is, dozens, even hundreds of speakers might be targeting the same opportunity. Frustrated, many speakers decide to get an RJ… real job, giving up their dream of being a professional speaker.

An Easier Way

Not that you won’t get paid to speak, but there’s an easier (and truthfully more profitable) way to make money speaking.
Enter your own “self-staged” events. When you know how to fill a room, wow the audience with your expertise and sell from the platform, you have a sustainable business model.
You have the freedom to charge people to come to the event, host free events for lead generation and sell whatever you want from the platform. You can even charge other speakers to get on your stage. Or, if they sell from the platform, you can take a percentage of their sales.
This is a viable business model many experts have been using for years, myself included. I’ve had occasion to make as little as a few hundred dollars early on to several times making well over six figures from my own three-day events.

Ted Talks are GREAT! but…

Mind you, TED Talks are great AND the more visible and seasoned you are, the more likely it is you will get on one of these coveted stages. One way to do this is by using what you will learn in this book. Create your own events and get really good at what you do.
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