Most experts I know who develop information products are committed to creating massive value for their customers. My good buddy, Dan Morris, has gone way overboard on the value he is bringing to the market.
Permit me to explain. Dan is a master connector. He knows how to bring people together in a way very few people have even considered.
His latest connection project is called BC Stack. Actually, he’s been doing BC Stack for a few years and this year it’s the best ever.

What is BC Stack?

The whole idea of BC Stack is to introduce you to new experts and introduce them to you. For the experts this is a chance to get in front of thousands and thousands of people they couldn’t get in front of otherwise. And since it is only one week, they are willing to provide their products to BC Stack just for the chance to meet you.
Here’s how it works. 65 of us contribute to the value of the package. Each of the 65 of us promote the launch. Each of the 65 of us are introduced to thousands upon thousands of people who may join our communities.
It’s a win/win. You win. We win. Simple.

What type of products are offered?

You get full courses in a number of areas. Each of these 65 products is a full course, class, training, book or other format. They are divided into  9 Categories. . .

-Writing & Book Marketing Products
-Podcasting and Video
-Marketing and Business Growth
-Social Media
-Monetization Strategies
-Building a Business
-Digital Marketing

Get your full package while it’s still available.