Over the last couple of weeks I have coached over 25 people on how to grow their businesses. To say I have been nonstop on the phone is an understatement. To say I’ve had a blast is yet another understatement.
It’s been delightful learning more about a cross section of businesses, areas of interest, goals, challenges and dreams.
Each session I conducted was specific to one person’s needs. I made recommendations based on what I saw as the most urgent need for the person I was coaching.
Although there were many differences in the challenges each and every person faces, there was one common denominator; reaching more of one’s market.
The solution resides in how you market. What amazed me though is how many people have an incredibly high fear around marketing and how difficult they make the process.
Yesterday, as I was wrapping up my day, I thought deeply about what could be done to raise the awareness of how simple marketing actually is. And why you DON’T need to make it something it’s not.
In a flash I decided to offer a one hour FREE teleseminar where I am going to pull back the curtain on my top 12 marketing strategies.
Something I’ve learned in the 18 plus years I’ve owned my business is that great ideas do come in a flash. What I do with them determines how successful they will be.
Well, I got the idea to share my 12 best marketing ideas with my tribe and in return I implore you to take a very important step and register right now for Monday’s teleseminar. Even if you can’t make it, I will be recording it, but to get the replay you must register. http://www.kathleengagetrains.com/12-marketing