As far back as I can remember I dreamed of being a published author. Like many other “wanna be” authors, I just knew if I could get a big name publisher all in my world would be good.
I began my quest over 25 years ago to find the perfect publisher. Sadly, I struggled trying to figure out the magic formula for securing a publisher who would readily publish and market my works.
Like many others, I knew getting a big name publisher would solve all my author woes; I would end up on Oprah and yes, all would be well in my world.
As I researched what it takes to get published by one of the “big houses” I realized the reality of the publishing industry is very different from what I naively believed to be true.
Here’s the truth…. Not only can it take years to secure a publisher, the amount of control an author has can be minimal and the amount of money you make can also be very, very minimal.
Not one to give up easily I began my quest to figure out how to get my works to market. I read everything I could get my hands on about how to become a published author.
It became very apparent if I wanted to have control over my writings and have the potential for high profit margins; self publishing is the way to go.
There was just one little problem…where was I going to get the $10,000 plus it would take to do this.
Again, not one to give up easily I thought if I could just figure out how to raise $10,000 through creative methods, I would have the money to publish a book.
Not only did I figure out how to do this, I’ve done this on more than one occasion. Check this out… when my book, The Law of Achievement, came out in May of 2006, within 24 hours of my launch I sold $23,000 worth. Since that time, the backend opportunities have gleaned several hundred thousands of dollars with more opportunities opening up all the time.
Famous I used a very strategic (and obviously effective) process to gain visibility for the book and ultimately, my other products and services.
Because I know countless numbers of authors are in the same position I was years ago, I put together a report that shows you exactly what I did to make this happen…not once but several times.
In my report, How to Write, Publish and Market a Book with No Out of Pocket Expense, you will learn exactly what to do. Not only do you get the report, you also receive a learning guide and an audio recording on how this is done.
Imagine how your life would change if you knew you would make money on virtually any book you take to market AND you could do so with no out of pocket expense. I can tell you from my firsthand experience, your life will never be the same.
In success,
Kathleen Gage