According to a 2002 article in the New York Times by author of over a dozen books, Joseph Epstein, 81% of the adult population dreams of writing a book.
“Beyond the obvious motivation for wanting to write a book — hoping to win fame or fortune — my guess is that many people who feel they have a book ”in them” doubtless see writing it as a way of establishing their own significance,” comments Epstein.
Yet, most never will get a book completed let alone know how to market it. Actually, the great majority won’t even begin writing and out of those who start the process will be sporadic at best.
Then there are those who spend years and years getting their first draft done. I’ve met some “authors” who have been working on their book for ten years. TEN YEARS! That’s crazy. Yes, you read right. Crazy!
Are you insane?
Why would I say that? Simple; because it is. Doesn’t it seem insane to claim we desire something so much that we don’t do whatever it takes to achieve it? The insanity comes from fooling ourselves into believing we are accomplishing something when in fact we are filling our time with busyness. Why is this?
There are actually a number of reasons with fear and perfectionism at the top. Believe me, I have been guilty of both. But I know that both will never allow me to achieve my greatest level of success.
Case in point: A few months ago I finally got around to starting a manuscript I had been thinking about writing for years. It was one of those “someday I will get around to this” projects.
My inspiration to get off my backside
This all changed when I attended Expert’s Academy hosted by Brendon Burchard. To say I was rocketed into the fourth dimension of productivity by his insights and energy is an understatement.
Not only did I get off the dime and start writing, in a little over eight weeks the first draft (nearly 93,000 words worth) is heading off to the editor by Saturday of this week.
So what changed? How did I go from thinking about this book literally for years to now having the first draft well on its way to my editor?
It’s about choice
I made the choice. It was actually that simple. But it took the fire Brendon sparked for me to say, “Enough is enough. The book is getting done.”
I also subscribe to what Henry David Thoreau said, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”
I certainly don’t want to die with my song, books, speeches or dreams inside of me. This is not why God (Source, Higher Power, Universe) gave me the dream. Nor is this why you have your dreams. Your dreams are given to you to live up to your potential. Whether or not you do is up to you.
How often do we profess to want something only to get caught up in day to day activities that beg for our attention in a way that we literally squander our talents?
Far too many people dream of what they want to do but are not willing to discipline themselves in such a way as to fulfill their dream. Yes, there is a discipline involved to our achievement. And the discipline begins with choice.
With the right choices we create incredible opportunities, but this takes effort, commitment and sacrifice. If anyone believes otherwise they are living in denial.
Sadly, millions of people have been misled to believe all they have to do is visualize what they want and it will miraculously manifest. Although visualization is very, very important to obtain what we desire, there is more to it than that.
Once we create the vision it is our job to make the choices that support the vision. We MUST take action that moves us in the direction of our dreams.
One person who is a master at this is my friend and colleague, Marnie Perhson. What seems like only a few weeks ago, although it was months ago, Marnie called me to share a dream she had that has since then become a reality.
As a successful entrepreneur Marnie is very aware it takes more than thinking and visioning to achieve what we want. To support this belief Marnie brought together dozens of her closest friends and colleagues to share what it took for each of us to achieve the level of success we enjoy.
Not only did she manage to publish Trust Your Heart: Transforming Ideas into Income in record time, the book also acheived bestseller status on Amazon reaching #1 in two Amazon categories as well as being hailed as the #1 in Amazon Movers and Shakers upon release.
Having spearheaded lots of book launches myself, I know this is no easy job. Marnie not only did it, she made it look easy. The most amazing part is she did it in a very unconventional way.
As soon as the book made it to bestseller I contacted her and said, “Hey, I want you to share your secrets with me.”
I’m smart enough to know if someone has achieved something in the way Marnie did I’m not going to try to second guess how they did it. Nope. I’m going to find out their formula.
Find out how she did it
Not only is Marnie willing to share her insights with me she has agreed to share them with a select group of people I am inviting to a group coaching session on June 13th. Want to find out who will be invited to join in on this session and learn Marnie’s secrets?
Check it out by clicking here.
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