Most entrepreneurs and experts would like as much visibility for what they do as possible. There are a number of ways to do this with one of the best being blogging.
Blogging, by far, allows you the opportunity to position your perspective and point of view. Further, it allows you to build a great online following of people who are interested in what you write about.
Five reasons to blog:

  1. Build awareness
  2. Build a following
  3. Position your expertise
  4. Increase SEO
  5. Drive traffic to an opt in page to build your subscriber list

Five ways to optimize your blogging efforts:

  1. Blog a book
  2. Raise awareness about causes you believe in
  3. Test topics for information products
  4. Build a following
  5. Promote an event

Blog a book
Repurposing your blog posts into a book may likely be one of the easiest ways tobook cover write a book. Start by outlining the chapters of your book. From there, split each chapter up into sub-chapters. This allows you to write a little bit with each post while staying the course with the end result – a book.
Not only will you stay the course with writing your book, you can also build a strong readership primed for buying your book once it’s published.
Raise awareness
Is there a cause you believe in? Why not blog about it? Because our blogs are our personal platform, we can write about anything we want. Frustrated with the way a political campaign is going? Blog about it. Angered by animal abuse and lack of responsibility by some pet owners? Blog about it. Want to raise money to build water supplies in third world countries? Blog about it.
Information product development
As with writing a book, blogging is a great platform to test the waters with new product releases. Information products can be delivered as text, audio or video.  You can blog about the general theme of your soon-to-be-released products to build interest and desire for the product.
You can also use your blog to pre-sell a product. What could be better than getting paid ahead of time to develop a product?
Build a following
Blogging is one of the best ways to build a following. Again, you must be consistent in order to realize the greatest result. You can drive traffic from your blog to a social media group.
faceI recently began growing a private group on Facebook where I invite people via a Kindle book and my blog to join. I simply make mention of the group, include the link and people who are interested ask to be invited.
Almost daily I have requests from people asking to join. The best part of using this strategy is people want to be a part of my community. It is a private group and they have to ask to be included.
Promote an event
Blogging about an event is one of the best ways to increase awareness and interest. When I host events, I always make sure to blog about them. With my recent Think Tank held in Vancouver, Washington, I blogged about topics specific to what I would be covering in the mastermind.
With the success of the last Think Tank, I have every reason to believe my next one will be equally successful… if I include blogging about it in the marketing mix.
Want to join in on the next Think Tank? Click the link below.
A great example of a whole community of people blogging about an event is with BlogPaws.
BlogPawsblog paws is an annual event that caters to animal bloggers. The strong leadership of BlogPaws keeps the momentum going to not only have people blog about the event, but also register for the event.
As the largest animal blogger conference in the world, there is a lot of effort put into this annual event.
As one of the speakers at BlogPaws, it behooves me to blog about the event. With dozens of speakers, hundreds of animal loving participants, and industry specific sponsors, with everyone putting effort into blogging about the event, it takes on a life of its own.
Want to join in on BlogPaws? You still have time, but hurry to get your spot as they are almost sold out.
Getting the most out of your efforts
In order to fully optimize your efforts, it’s essential to be consistent. Blogging once or twice a month will not get you anywhere near the traction as once or twice a week. To get the greatest results, daily blogging is optimal.
Sure, daily may seem overwhelming, but your results are directly proportionate to the frequency (and quality) you put into blogging.
Additionally, blogging is a great way to position your expertise, increase visibility and test the temperature of the market on topics you may be writing about, developing information products and promoting events.
As with anything, blogging on a consistent basis takes commitment. A great way to stay the course is to put accountability measures in place. Whether it be making a commitment to a coach, a group of mastermind buddies, or like I did recently, making a public commitment. The more vocal you are about what you plan to do, the better.
Staying the course
Again, one of the best ways to get the most out of your blogging efforts is with consistent effort. Make a commitment over the next 30 days to blog a minimum number of days. Recently, I challenged myself to blog Monday through Friday for at least one month. Although it is taking effort, it’s also giving me the opportunity to serve my community with timely information.
Up to the challenge? Why not make a public commitment by posting something to your community about how much you will blog over the next month?