I’ll NEVER Eat Meat Again! Here’s Why

Chances are you’ve had times when something in your life changed completely. Whether it be a belief, a behavior or a habit. You learned something that shifted the way you view a situation… forever. Such is the case with me. In 2018, I swore off meat from my diet. ...

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Quit counting food portion points

The health of men, women and children is beyond the tipping point. With disease on the rise, childhood obesity at an all-time high, and families left wondering how to turn things around, one is left to wonder if there is anything they can do.

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International Podcast Day, 2022

Although many people listen to podcasts daily, it wasn't that long ago the word was nonexistent.   As the host of two shows, Vegan Visibility and Plant Based Eating for Health, with combined episodes of over 350, the history of podcasting intrigues me. As well,...

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