Although there’s a lot experts don’t agree on, most  agree that content marketing can be a huge benefit for someone to position their message.
One of the most popular types of content an expert can, and should, create is blog content.
Whether you write for your own blog, or you are a guest blogger, the mere act of putting your thoughts into words is a powerful process for being viewed as a thought leader.
However, blogging in and of itself can go only so far. In addition to posting information on your blog, it’s essential to proactively promote the post.
One way to do this is to grab the permalink for a specific post and go to town spreading it around social media. Keep in mind, simply throwing the link up, like mud on the wall, will not get you the best results. Having a targeted approach will.
When you are targeted in your approach, your posts get picked up by other experts who may actually feature your writing. What could be better than to be put in front of new eyeballs?
Such was the case with a recent post of mine.…/weekly-top-articles-author…/

Is Content Marketing Dead?

I do a lot of content marketing. What’s interesting is there are people who are touting the fact that content marketing is a thing of the past. “Content marketing is dead,” wrote one “expert.”
Really?!?! Not so. Content marketing is on the increase.
The thing you want to keep in mind is this; there are many formats for your content. Your job is to figure out what will get you the greatest ROI.
This is all about visibility. The more visible you are, the better.
Visibility creates opportunity. Just like having my posts picked up by other experts, you can do the same. However, you want to be consistent in your efforts.
Over the years, I’ve written thousands of articles, posts, tweets and social media posts. The reason I do have what appears to be lots of opportunity is because I’ve put lots of effort into my visibility.

Consistency Pays Off

Some people will lead you to believe you don’t have to be consistent with what you are doing. This is yet another lie of online marketing and gaining visibility. In truth, you should be doing something every single day to get your message out to market.
Let’s go back to the blog example. When you blog, grab the permalink to the post. Distribute the permalink to various locations including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, your subscriber list. You can also re-purpose your post into an article that is distributed to various article directories.

Create content

If you’ve ever written a blog post, you know it can take time to write something worth reading.
What about a short report? Again, it takes time.
Have you ever had to write a series of autoresponder messages? If you have, you know this also takes time… and often, lots of it.
What if you could have blog posts, reports, autoresponder messages and other content ready to use, as is?
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