blogpawsNot long ago I had the distinct pleasure of presenting at the BlogPaws 2015 Conference – the only conference of its type in the world.
BlogPaws is the Professional Pet Blogger Network that provides a range of marketing program opportunities, along with growth and development benefits to help animal bloggers define and achieve their goals.
The fact is, for most pet bloggers, it’s about more than just money. It’s about the love of animals and the desire to educate the public about all things animals. However, in order to do more of what they are here to do, animal bloggers do know it sure helps to monetize their efforts.
BlogPaws Conference is one of the most important events hosted by the BlogPaws crew. It is also highly supported by incredible sponsors, speakers, and of course attendees.
Sponsors included MARS Petcare, Cesar Canine Cuisine, Dentastix, IAMS, Temptation, Nutro, Greenies and many more. The lineup of sponsors was spectacular.
What I loved most about BlogPaws were the number of four legged critters their humans brought to the event. Never have I been to an event where pets were allowed in such numbers, let alone encouraged, to attend.
Ironically, until a few months ago I never heard of BlogPaws or the conference.
I teach my clients and those who attend my workshops, masterminds and various training courses this; when you follow your passion, show up to a calling, do the foot work, and let go of the outcome, amazing things happen.
So how does someone who is recognized for online marketing and business consulting, is the author of countless information products on the topics of speaking, writing, product creation, and visibility as well as the author of one of the most content filled book on online marketing end up speaking at a conference to a market she normally doesn’t work with… until now?
Here’s how… by doing exactly what I encourage others to do; be transparent about what I’m passionate about and believe in it so much I couldn’t imagine not putting time, effort and money into my passions.
For more years than I can count my spouse and I have been involved in animal rescue. We’ve taken in dogs, cats, horses, a ferret and even a goat. Most of the rescues came from abusive situations.dustin
We also donate a great deal to our favorite animal charities. A little over a year ago, on one of the rainiest days of the season, a small, unidentifiable dog showed up on our property. Stinking to high heaven, barely able to stand up, her eyes filled with infections, and lumps all over her belly, this dog had obviously been used and abused until one day she was all used up and discarded.
In that we live in a very rural area it took quite a miracle for this near dead dog to make her way to our home. Immediately we took her to the vet and groomer. The vet determined the dog was between 8 – 10 years old. She had not been spayed which meant she was likely held captive by a backyard breeder. The lumps on her belly turned out to be mammary cancer.
While at the vet’s office she got her new name; Delaney. Delaney Before
Karen, myself, the vet and the groomer all felt Delaney had one, maybe two, weeks left. Yet, Delaney surprised us all. After a few weeks we began thinking in terms of how to increase Delaney’s quality of life rather than simply making her comfortable until she passed.
Her biopsy results indicated that surgery would likely give her a great quality of life. But there were so many tumors it required two surgeries.
After over $1,000 out of pocket for her first surgery, and knowing the second one would be close to $2,000, I decided to reach out to my community for help. I created a low priced information product and used the revenues to offset the second surgery.
I launched the campaign as I would any product launch which meant proactive marketing and getting as much visibility for the promotion as possible. Within less than 48 hours I raised enough to pay for the first and second surgery.
Throughout the process I documented Delaney’s progress.Delaney After
On one of my daily rituals of checking my email inbox, one message stood out with a request for me to speak at the 2015 BlogPaws Conference.
I immediately went to the BlogPaws webpage. I was impressed with all the things happening with BlogPaws.
I hopped on the phone with Yvonne DiVita, one of the key players with BlogPaws including the annual conference that attracts hundreds of animals bloggers.
“We’d love for you to come out to the conference to talk about how animal bloggers can make money blogging,” Yvonne said.
“But my market is not those in the animal industry. I’m not opposed to it and I do have a few clients who are in the animal industry, but it’s not what I’m known for,” I responded.
“But you love animals and you know how to make money online,” Yvonne calmly stated.
“That’s true,” I replied and a moment later I committed with a resounding, “I’m in.” I loved the idea of visiting Nashville, Tennessee, one of the few cities I have not spoken in and hanging out with a bunch of four legged critters and their humans.
By far, BlogPaws Conference has been one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. Not only was the entire BlogPaws team over the moon amazing, the sponsors were engaging, fun and informative and the participants and the four legged critters memorable.
Something even more amazing occurred. Since that time, other opportunities to speak to, and work with those whose businesses are all about animals, have presented themselves.
What incredible evidence that when we show up for our passion, do the foot work and trust the process, amazing results happen.
One things for sure… I’m now a huge fan of BlogPaws and all they do and stand for. A great organization. Check it out.
What’s your passion and what do you do to honor an expression of this? Are you willing to step out, do the footwork and trust that amazing opportunities will show up? Comments welcome.