A serial entrepreneur, Bobbi Giudicelli never intended to start her current company. Life had a different plan.



About 10 years ago, several personal events occurred in Bobbi’s life that changed the trajectory of her life path.

Her sister lost her battle with cancer, her father was in the throes of heart disease and advancing dementia, and she was struggling with severe, chronic fatigue. These three things were the wake-up call that had Bobbi look outside of traditional western medicine and begin her journey of understanding nutrition in a way she never imagined.


“I always felt I was healthy. I ate good… so I thought, but as my journey began, I realized change needed to happen!”


After much research, she discovered how powerful food is in healing diseases many people have come to accept as “normal.”

Her journey incorporated the belief, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” (Hippocrates 400BC).

Bobbi’s journey led her to a plant-based, gluten-free nutritional lifestyle, and to renewed energy far surpassing how she’d felt even 20 years earlier.


The Plot Thickens


Realizing there was a void in the market for convenient, clean, delicious meal (breakfast/lunch) alternatives, she founded READ THE INGREDIENTS Loaves and Big Bites with her son Michael.

Bobbi and Michael were already business partners at that time so it made sense to partner on their newest venture.

After they shared the Loaves and Big Bites with others and received wonderful feedback, they decided to sell their existing business and build the READ THE INGREDIENTS brand.

They wanted to share with others the access to the improved, energetic quality of life that they had discovered. 


Highly Nutritious & Mission Based


Although higher in calories than the standard “off the shelf” energy bars, the caloric quality is far superior to sugar-laden bars. All ingredients are natural, healthy and plant-based. They are proud of the fact the bars are 100% cruelty free.

Their mission is simple: Eat Clean and Find what drives you in your day-to-day activities. Whether it is performing your best at work, getting that personal best in the gym or on the trail, or just being mentally alert to enjoy the company of family and friends, “Eating Clean, Finding your Energy, Living your Passion” is what is most important.

“We want every day to be the best it can be for you, and we are providing you with the right Fuel,” both Bobbi and Michael believe.


Recap of Our Conversation


A few of the areas we explored during our conversation were food addictions including sugar and inflammation. Bobbi explained why inflammation is so prevalent and how harmful and limiting it is.

Not one to hold back on her own health issues before going vegan/plant based, Bobbi shared her experience with leaky gut syndrome.  We also explored why glutton is harmful to many people.

  • What is glutton?
  • Where is it?
  • How does it impact us?
  • Why are people so sensitive?
  • It is often used as a filler and in foods we would least suspect.

Bobbi recommends that when you read studies on any type of food, consider the source. Who is behind the study? Who paid for the study such as companies and groups who have a vested interest in slanting the facts?




If someone is not vegan in your household, it’s important to respect their process. Bobbi says that her husband does not follow the same food protocol as she does. She realizes that it’s important to meet people where they are at.

Realize that just because you are vegan this does not mean others will become vegan, but then, they may be influenced by watching your positive changes.

Some of the benefits to Bobbi going vegan have been:

  • Mood balancing
  • Handling problems with much more grace than in the past
  • More energy
  • Faster recovery time after back surgery
  • Alignment to her love of animals


Prepare for success


Bobbi recommends that you set yourself up for success by having the right foods readily available. That’s a huge benefit to the Read the Ingredients Loaves and Bites.

She also encourages people to realize the better your decisions, the bigger the payoff to your overall well-being.

One thing is for sure, my decision to have Bobbi Giudicelli on the Plant Based Eating for Health Podcast Show was a great decision.


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