How long do most people dream about what they want to accomplish, but never quite seem to see their dream become manifest? For many, a lifetime.
But for others something happens and it seems as if the stars align perfectly in order for the dream to become a reality.
Such was the case with a woman I met in person a few months ago. Rebecca had been on my subscriber list for about a year by that point.
We corresponded frequently. I simply took a liking to this elderly woman not knowing much about her. From the start Rebecca and I connected on a deep level.
Frequently she would write to tell me about a book she had been working on for several years. One of her challenges was finishing the manuscript and getting it published.
After attending The Connection Experience in June of this year all the pieces came together for Rebecca. In less than three months her manuscript was finished and her book was published.
“Serendipity had its way for me at Kathleen’s Connection Experience Event in June. Two huge things happened! I met my publisher, Lynne Klippel, who got my book out within three months of the June Event.  She was a dream to work with! And I found Janice Dugas, a delightful Canadian woman, who has become my Virtual Assistant, business advisor, friend, consultant, coach and computer expert. We are planning a campaign and book launch before the holidays. Now my motto is, “Kathleen’s Event can help make life-long dreams come true.” It certainly did for me!” Rebecca Field. 
A few days ago Rebecca told me it was available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions. Without hesitation I hit the buy now button for the Kindle version.
Not only is To Choose The Fire of The Cosmos: Using Our Soul Qualities to Build a Better World a genre I enjoy, when I read a bit from the “look inside” feature I could tell I would really enjoy it.
From the moment I began reading To Choose the Fire of the Cosmos, I loved it. A book about practical spirituality, not only has Rebecca morphed the complex into terms anyone can understand, I am especially thrilled The Connection Experience was the catalyst for the book to finally become manifest.
At the event many of the missing links were put in place. The publisher, Lynne Klippel of Love Your Life Publishing, was in attendance. Rebecca’s new social media person was in attendance. And what I was teaching gelled for Rebecca.
None of this was in place for Rebecca prior to the event.
What’s most exciting about what occurred in June is others had similar experiences; they were in the right place at the right time for events to align perfectly for them to accomplish important goals.
As I put the finishing touches on the curriculum for The Connection Experience, taking place on October 20 & 21st , I know those in attendance will have similar experiences.
If you’re ready to take a giant leap forward in your business, information products or book, join me in Portland for an experience like none other.
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