From lifelong artist, to owning a highly success tattoo business, to studying at one of the premier Christian seminaries, to suicide and a range of what it takes to have a highly successful book launch, Jen Moore and I were not at a loss of what to talk about during our time together.
This is an episode you will definitely want to listen to. Jen goes deep into what it took to have an “off the charts” successful book launch.
If you’re an author, empath, or a human being tired of “doing” and want to start being, this interview is perfect.

A bit about Jen Moore, author, speaker, empath

Former Hot Mess and World Class Awfulizer, Jennifer Moore is a mentor and teacher for sensitive, intuitive women. Born from long lines of high-strung people, Jen spent the first thirty years of her life struggling to control fear and emotional overwhelm.
This constant white-knuckling left Jen exhausted, anxious and over-medicated. Out of sheer desperation she surrendered to embracing professional support, self-help programs and personal recovery. The relief Jen felt was life changing. This inspired her to develop her own professional skills and share what she learned with others who suffer too.
With well over thirty years of professional experience, a Master’s degree in Psychology & Religion and the honor of being one of EFT International’s 18 accredited Master Trainers in the US, Jennifer brings depth, compassion and wisdom to her work helping empathic women.

About Empathic Mastery Book

Empathic Mastery: A 5-Step System to Go from Emotional Hot Mess to Thriving Success
Empathic Mastery is a no BS -tell it like it is- guide written for empaths by an empath who’s cracked the code on how to go from psychic overwhelm and distress to calm, confident and able to use your abilities for good.
Inside this book you will discover:

  • How to recognize what’s yours and what isn’t
  • How to release the toxic energy you absorb
  • How to protect yourself physically, emotionally and psychically
  • How to replace negativity with light and positivity
  • How to act and live in alignment with your Highest Good

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