Recently, I was listening to a podcast interview with Rachel Hollis.

As a highly successful author, one would be hard pressed to believe there was a day few people would come to her book signings. Yet, that’s exactly what happened to Rachel early on… several times.

When Rachel shared a story about having only two people, her mom and a friend, show up to her early book signings, I had to laugh as memories of my first book signing over 20 years ago returned.

I put a lot of energy into writing and publishing my first book, Message of Hope; Inspiring Thoughts for Uncertain Times.

Believing book signings were the best way to sell lots of books, I anticipated selling hundreds of books by sitting behind a table, pen in hand.

My first book signing took place in Salt Lake City.  I prepared for what I thought would be a very busy day. As it turns out, there were exactly two people who showed up that day… me and the woman who helped me organize the event.

For over four hours we waited… and waited… and waited.

To say I was disappointed is an understatement. At the time, I could not figure out what had gone wrong. Yet, in hindsight, and over 20 years of book marketing experience under my belt, I have a much better idea of why no one showed up.

For the most part, book signings are not anywhere near as successful as what one would hope.

Although we’ve all seen images of hundreds of people waiting in long lines that wrap around the block of a bookstore, patiently waiting for their favorite famous author to sign their book, in reality, this rarely happens.

Am I implying you should not do book signings? No. Book signings do have their place. Yet, as an author, it’s important to incorporate other strategies into marketing your books.

Visibility for Your Books

Beyond having your book listed on various sites like Amazon, take the initiative to proactively market your book. Write articles, participate in summits, post on social media and get booked on podcast shows.

Appearing on podcast shows is a great way to not only raise awareness about your book, but you also position your expertise and increase market reach.

Podcast Appearances give you the biggest bang for your marketing buck. Why? Because YOU are the featured expert who gains visibility in front of the host’s audience. It’s really that simple.

Feasibly, you can be seen and heard by dozens, hundreds, even thousands, of potential book buyers.

Podcasts are growing in numbers every day. Regardless of your niche, expertise and market, there’s going to be podcast shows to appear on.

If you’re not yet in the game of booking interviews, what are you waiting for? It’s a relatively simple process.

Finding Niche Shows


  • Determine who wants to hear your message. In other words, what type of audience are you a fit for? Who will benefit from your message? What type of podcasts are a great fit?
  • If you’re currently a podcaster, find podcasts in your category. These will likely be a great fit.
  • Pitch the host with the WIIFM in mind. What’s in it for them? Why should they have you on the show? What’s in it for them? What’s in it for their listeners?
  • Be to work with. In other words, make their job easy and don’t be a Primadonna.


Consistency is Key

Consistently search out opportunities. This is where a lot of people fall off. They are gung-ho for a little while and then get sidetracked. The main reason for this is the amount of time it takes to find show hosts to pitch.

The solution? Make research and outreach a part of your “business as usual” process.

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