Ask virtually any author if they want to sell books and with a quizical look on their face they wonder why you even asked the question.
Of course we want to sell more books! Isn’t that obvious? If you go by the amount of marketing the average author does, no it’s not obvious.
The fact is, most authors spend little, if any, time marketing their books. There are three main reasons for this that I wrote about yesterday.
Sadly, most authors will never make much money at all with their writing. Some of us have never NOT made money. So what’s the difference?
Those of us making money see our writing as not only the obvious, our passion and craft, we also see it as an avenue into other opportunities.
Would you call us opportunists? I hope so! And yet for some authors they seem to think there is Opportunity something wrong with this. I can tell you, I see nothing wrong with putting food on the table, paying my bills on time, being able to donate to charities of my choice and downright living a very, very comfortable life. All due to my writing and knowing how to market my writing and creating backend opportunities.

Are you marketing your writing? No? Why not?
Maybe your answer is yes you are, but you are not getting much of a result. Why not?
Something I learned many years ago is this, “If you want to succeed at something find out how others are achieving the result, find out what they are doing and then do it (as it fits within your own value system).
Over the years I have had countless mentors, I have invested in training programs, and I have been willing to get out of my comfort zone. I have also learned that when the majority of my responses are, “Yeah but….” this is a red flag I might be close minded.
One of my mentors once told me, “The only butt you need is the one you sit on.” And yet, the “yeah-buts” continue for so many. As someone who works with spiritually aware authors who want to learn how to get their message out to their market big time, I am committed to doing what I can to share the best of the best information possible.
I have been teaching for years. Always on the lookout for new (and cost effective) methods for marketing a book I recently discovered another great way to do this. It is with a free service call Cinch. For the last few days I have been creating Cinch tips on book marketing.
In today’s Cinch tip I share something you, as an author, can do to promote your books. While there, why not check out my other Cinches? Each is a great tip on book marketing.

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