According to Writer Beware blog most authors who go the POD – print on demand – route will sell less than 150 books. Ouch. Most authors won’t even break even on the cost to bring their book to market.
There are a number of reasons for this with the main one being the author doesn’t market effectively.
Unless an author is willing to take responsibility for marketing, promoting and selling their books chances are they will be among those who sell less than 150 books per title.
Here are three things you can begin to do immediately to be above average in book sales.
1. Identify your ideal reader. The more you know about your reader the more you can target your marketing efforts.
Avoid the mistake of believing everyone is your reader. Regardless of your genre, not everyone wants, needs or cares about your book.
Yet, when you find the readers who do care you are in a much better position to sell lots of books.
2. Set up a blog/website specific to your book. Make the blog visitor friendly. Encourage visitors to opt in for something specific to your book such as a free chapter. This makes it possible to keep interested readers aware of your upcoming book activities such as a new release, book signings, teleseminars and webinars.
Blog on a regular basis to create a following of your writing. Blog at least three times a week. Keep your blogging topics consistent with the interests of your readers.
3. Become active in forums specific to your potential reader. Forums are a great place to gain visibility, network and interact with others who may have an interest in your work.
If you do something every day to reach your market you will not have to be among those who sell less than 150 books per title.
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