Most authors dream of selling lots of books, but often fall short of this goal for one simple reason; fear! This is like being in bondage with no way out.
Although the fear may not be overt it shows up in many different ways. One would be the resistance to market and the other not pursuing speaking opportunities where you can sell back of the room.
Considering my primary market are authors, coaches and consultants who write nonfiction books such as self help, spirituality, business topics and personal development this is who I am addressing in this article to.
Even if you write fiction you may still want to read this. After all, fear is not limited to non-fiction writers. It strikes all types of writers.

Let’s assume you are stopping your greatest potential as a writer due to fear. There are two choices you have.
One, let things remain as is and continue to sell at the level you do; two, walk through the fear in order that more potential readers can find and purchase your book.
If need be, hire a coach. It’s amazing what a good coach can do for you.
Let’s assume you are willing to address your fears and take action on one of the best ways to sell lots of books – speaking engagements. The combination of an author who speaks and a speaker who writes is incredible. The possibilities are endless.
When making your books available from the platform the following will assure less fear and greater success.
The minute you walk in the room (even before hitting the platform) you need to take control of your environment. What this means is you need to exude self-confidence.
Some people mistake self-confidence for arrogance. The two are worlds apart. Walk into a room with arrogance and you will immediately turn people off.
Walk in with self-confidence and you convey nonverbally you are someone worth listening to. To assure the highest level of self-confidence you must know your material. This doesn’t mean to memorize it, but it does mean to fully know your topic matter.
Confidence in what you are doing throughout your presentation makes the buying decision of your audience a whole lot easier than if you timidly tell them about your book(s).
Believe in your material. Believe in your book. Believe in your message. And most importantly, believe in yourself. When you do fear becomes a non-issue.
What’s been your experience with fear around marketing and selling your books and what have you done about it. Share your thoughts in the comment box.