I am going to be at Brendon Burchard’s Promotional Partnership
Crash Course this weekend June 3 – 5, 2011 in
Redwood City, California.
If you plan on being there let me know and we can meet.
If you are going to be there visit my Facebook
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Meet me in Atlanta too!
In August you can catch up with me in person at NAMS6 –
Niche Affiliate Marketing in Atlanta, Georgia. Lots of
people will be there.
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This is the cream of the crop workshops for anyone who
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Lynn Terry, Nicole Dean, Mark Hendricks, Paul Evans,
yours truly (me) and other leading experts in the world of
online marketing.
There are lots of opportunities to network with your peers
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The Transformational Life is not about online marketing,
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It is about how to develop a success attitude, mindset
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Because I have personally witnessed the power of certain
practices to create an incredible life and thrive
I have created The Transformational Life home study course.
The Transformational Life is perfect for anyone who
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Hope to see you soon.
In success,
Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer