There are two things an author needs to be successful: a book and book buyers. If you’re an author with no interest in financial rewards, there’s no need to read further. However, if you are like most authors who write because you love to write AND you want to make money, then continue reading.

To increase your chances of financial rewards you need a platform. Your platform is the ability to sell books because of who you are or who you can reach. It boils down to your visibility to potential readers (book buyers).

The more established your platform, the more people recognize your name. The more they recognize your name, the better.

To increase name recognition, you are well served to expand your market reach… on a daily basis.

An Author’s Dream

Many writers dream of becoming bestselling authors. They fantasize about their book rising on the charts, hitting #1, thus enjoying fame and fortune. For most, it will remain a dream.
The fact is a bestselling book requires lots of buyers. Lots of buyers come from a strong author platform.

What Contributes to Your Platform?

A few factors that contribute to your platform are the size of your email list, how effective your social media efforts are including followers and connections, influencers you are affiliated with and how strong and consistent your message is.

Achieving a strong platform requires ongoing efforts. Rather than a hit and miss approach, you should be doing something every day to increase your visibility.

Gaining Visibility

There are several ways to gain visibility. Published works in various locations such as magazines, online article directories, your blog and as a guest blogger are key. Focusing on a strong social media presence is also essential. Rather than trying to be visible on several social media networks, pick a few that you can focus on. It’s better to go deep into a handful of networks rather than spreading yourself too thin on too many.

Look for interview opportunities on podcast shows that have a similar market reach as your ideal reader. iTunes is the most popular podcast platform with more than enough shows to reach out to.

One of the best ways to build your platform and gain visibility is to speak at conferences and association meetings. Not sure how to find these opportunities.

Smart approach

To get the greatest results, building your platform must be a top priority. Schedule daily activities that allow you to grow your visibility. By focusing on blogging, guest blogging, interviews, speaking, and social media you increase your chances of developing a strong author platform. Avoid the mistake a great many authors make, leaving your success in the invisible hands of fate.
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