One of the most pressing questions from authors,
speakers, coaches and consultants using the Internet to market their products
and services is, “How do I build a responsive opt-in subscriber list?”

A very simple way is with a Sig File (signature file).
A Sig File is a tagline or short block of text at the end of an e-mail message,
article or blog posting.

The Sig File can identify the sender and/or provide
additional information such as the company name, list of services, and contact

However, the most effective use of a Sig File is to
have a call to action for an ethical bribe.

An ethical bribe is exactly what is sounds like. You
are offering visitors to your website, blog or landing page something FREE in
exchange for them giving you their name and email address.

Effectively using a Sig File is one of the most
important things you can do to begin building a solid opt-in subscriber list.
Lists filled with people who have expressed an interest in something you are
offering at no cost are warm leads for those who may want to purchase your paid

Avoid falling into the trap of thinking you don’t have
time to offer something free. Ethical bribes that are FREE are the cornerstone
of building your online business.

I have dozens of “giveaways” that I have developed over
the years. Everything from eReports, eBooks, teleseminars, ezines, a 4-day
email course and more. This has allowed me to build a list from the ground up
(this means I started with nothing and built a highly profitable list of
subscribers). The most successful among us started with nothing and built from
there. And so can you!

Your giveaways should not require a lot of time on your
part to fulfill the request from your visitor. Other than a teleseminar where
you have dozens, hundreds and even thousands of people on the call at one time,
avoid things like free coaching time. Otherwise you could cripple your business
by having to be on the phone 24/7 fulfilling “free consulting”.  

You have to start somewhere and a high value giveaway
can be just the ticket.

One idea is to an over the phone interview with an
expert, record it and give the recording away. (Be sure to get the expert’s
permission before giving away their information).

From there, you develop a simple landing page with an
opt-in box that immediately puts the subscriber into your database.

For more ideas on building your list, increasing your
visibility, using sig files, developing money making information products and
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