you had to suddenly stop working, would your business sustain itself for even a
short period of time? Chances are it wouldn’t and you would suffer financially.


most businesses are set up in a way that if there was an emergency that
required they take time off, their business would suffer. Or, if you wanted to
take time off to enjoy the fruits of your labor, you couldn’t because you are
still trading time for dollars.


Recently I had back to back situations that required I take a
considerable amount of time off from my business. First, I broke my ankle while
training for a marathon. Needless to say, there was no marathon for me.


within two weeks of this incident I had a family emergency that made the ankle
break pale in comparison. I didn’t need to give any thought to taking time off
from my business. I just did it.


am very fortunate that my revenues did not suffer as a result of nearly two
months of running my business with very minimal time invested. There were
several occasions I would go days without even looking at emails. Family
matters took priority over everything else.


count my blessings every day that I do have a sustainable business that allows
me to respond according to priorities. Amazingly, I have had some people who
have said, “Wow, you’re so lucky you can do this.”


me tell you, luck is not what made this possible. Foundation, vision, learning,
implementation and commitment are the keys to how this is possible.


have owned my business for over 15 years. In that time, I have had periods
where I did wonder how I was going to survive. That was until I wised up and
put systems in place that allowed me to have a sustainable business.


I know what a blessing it is to have a sustainable business, I decided to share
with you what it takes to build this kind of business for yourself. If you are
an author, speaker, coach or consultant, this call may be one of the most
important you can listen in on.


am offering this for FR*EE.


Thursday, November 19th at 3 p.m. Pacific join me for my one hour


Build A Sustainable
Six Figure A Year Online Business Starting Right Now!


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