Have you tried different online marketing strategies…but your results keep coming up short?
One of the least known, but highest-payback, business models for online success is hosting your own ongoing expert interview series.
Maybe you’ve been on a teleseminar or webinar where an expert shares great insights and your knowledge-base benefits as a result.
Did you know that more times than not the experts share their information at no cost to the host. That’s right. They pull back the curtain on a topic that you would willingly pay for.
Actually, experts are eager to be hosted by others to share their information. It’s a win/win/win.
The host wins by having a stellar guest. The expert wins by reaching new markets. And the market wins by gaining valuable information.
Ever wish you could get in-demand experts to speak to your market? You can. You just need to know the best way to propose the idea.
No matter what market you serve…if you have a passion for a subject area…then you probably have what it takes to host your own interview series. And – it’s easier than you think!
Cathy Demers, founder and host of the popular expert interview series “The Business Success Cafe” explains…
“You’ve heard it said ‘the gold is in your list’ so it’s no surprise that you need to implement strategies that can help you quickly build a targeted list of prospects.
But…that’s not enough.
You also need a really good ‘shovel’ so you can effectively mine your list…and turn those prospects into gold nuggets. By hosting your own ongoing expert interview series you can do both – at the same time!”
According to Cathy (with over 80 “Cafe” interviews under her belt – she’s an undisputed expert in applying this strategy), there are 8 BIG benefits to hosting your own expert interview series.
You should seriously consider hosting your own expert interview series if you want to:
Build a targeted list of prospects who want really want to hear from you. When you host an ongoing series you will quickly build a list of followers who are in your target market, who are hungry for information, and who are expecting you to provide it on a regular and continual basis. That’s the just the kind of list you want, isn’t it?
Gain visibility and credibility in ANY market. When you seek out, partner with, and then interview the experts in your field… you automatically elevate your own status and perceived expertise…just by being a gracious host and allowing others to share valuable information with your hungry market. No special skills or expertise required – it’s a beautiful thing.
Make More Money from Multiple Revenue Sources. No matter what target market you serve, there are several (often surprising) ways to monetize an expert interview series…even if you give the interviews away for free! For example, you can charge for replays, collect the interviews into bundles for resale, publish them as products, earn affiliate revenues from your experts, attract advertisers and sponsors…the list goes on and on. You don’t even have to pick just one.
More than just share these ideas with you in this blog post, Cathy has graciously agreed to pull back the curtain on exactly how you can host your own Expert Series.
On March 26…and Cathy Demers and I are going dive deep into the 8 BIG benefits of hosting your own ongoing expert interview series. It’s going to be live and interactive…so bring your questions – you’ll get the answers. Register Here.
Oh…and just so you don’t think hosting your own series is always a “bed of roses” (nothing is!) Cathy has promised to share some of the downsides and “gottcha’s” you will want to avoid when you host your own series. After 2 years hosting the Business Success Cafe she’s earned her stripes…and a few scrapes and scratches along the way.
This interview is going to be illuminating, enlightening, inspiring, practical and useful…register here so you don’t miss it.