A recent post on Plant Based News addresses the recent announcement by Burger King that they are now serving a vegan selection.

Although the post, written by vegan writer, Polly Foreman, has many valid points, personally, I won’t be eating at Burger King, or any other fast-food establishment who are jumping on the “Vegan Bandwagon.”

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Fast Food Was in My Diet… But….

In the past, I ate my fair share of fast foods, but it is not a part of what I do today. There are a lot of things I may have done in the past, but as I learned the truth of animal cruelty in food production, I do what I can to NOT support these ‘profits over people‘ organizations.

Secondly, like many vegans, I find it a stretch to support a company that does so much harm to the animals and the environment. The harm they do is through the exploitation of the animal products they serve. To believe they care about bringing more compassionate food choices to the market misses the glaring fact that they are about profits rather than animal welfare.

Bottom line, I simply don’t want to give these type of companies my money.

Will my choice make a huge difference? Not necessarily, but it may bring awareness to the reality of what conglomerates like Burger King actually contribute to factory farming and destruction of the environment.

I prefer to support locally owned establishments and mom and pop operations that are more conscientious about offering real vegan options.

Just yesterday, I ate at a local Thai restaurant in Eugene, Oregon. Tasty Thai has been one of my favorites for years. What I love is that they are very respectful and accommodating on my vegan choice. They actually had several choices on the menu. But I digress.

For those who do choose to spend your money at places like BK and other fast-food establishments that are offering vegan options, that’s your choice, but definitely not mine.

Failed (and empty) Promises

In 2017, there was a bunch of whoopla that “Burger King says it will stop serving abused chickens.”

Not only have they not stopped (and we are pretty closes to their cutoff date to stop) they have increased production using abused chickens.

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According to David Pannell of Vegan Business Tribe, the majority of people who try vegan foods like what Burger King is offering are non-vegans.

“The majority of people who consume foods that are vegan processed foods do not identify as vegan. Many want to minimize their footprint but are not willing to go in all the way,” David states.

David is a leading authority in the Plant Based/Vegan movement. He has been a featured expert on the Vegan Visibility podcast show. https://veganvisibility.com/tribe/

Actually, a great many vegans do NOT support companies like Burger King. Yet, many people who don’t identify as vegan are willing to give the vegan options a try. On that level, what Burger King is doing, is a move in the right direction. Yet, that doesn’t mean I need to buy from them now, or in the future.

A new Gallup poll suggests interest in meat alternatives is broader than you might think.

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Again, if you are vegan and choose to eat at places like this, that is your choice, but many vegans choose not to do so.

Your Thoughts?

What’s your take on this issue? Are you a vegan who would eat at a fast-food restaurant known to exploit animals or is that a “line in the sand” issue for you?

Comments welcomed!