Not a day goes by that thousands of people decide to take the “BIG LEAP” to attempt to sell something online with the dream of making untold amounts of money. As quickly as they dare to dream  most  will let go of the dream because they have not had a flood of buyers clicking their “buy now” button.
Discouraged, they shake their head, shut off the computer, sigh deeply, convinced they will never make money online nor fulfill their dream.
The bad news is, this is a more common scenario than not. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

As with virtually anything, there is a formula for success. Contrary to what many people may think, the most important part of the formula is one’s mindset. With the right mindset you are willing to do what it takes to move closer to your dream every day; you think in terms of possibility rather than limitation and you attract opportunity to yourself that can often amaze you and others.
Those who understand the energetic side of business also understand building a successful business is just that, building a business. It is not about a “get rich quick” scenario. It is about laying a foundation, having a vision, finding the right mentors and information, doing the footwork and letting go of the outcome.
Although many people may not think so, when you see your business as a vehicle to do something for the good of others as well as to create a very abundant lifestyle, it actually becomes easier to overcome the inevitable obstacles you may encounter.
Who you surround yourself with
One of the most important things you need to do is surround yourself with those who can help you to believe in your vision, lift you up during times of frustration and let you know when you are being unrealistic or getting off track with your dreams of a successful business.
There is a Universal law – you reap what you sow. In other words, whatever you want you have to be willing to give.
A perfect example are those people who want to get paid for their services but they hesitate to pay others for their services, information and products.
Making money on the Internet is about energy. If you are not willing to invest in your knowledge base and development, why should others pay you? If you are constantly looking for what you can get for free or trying to convince someone to give you their paid products for free, what do you think you are attracting to yourself.
You have to invest
I have worked in the world of Internet marketing for many years. In the time I have been making my living exclusively by means of Internet marketing methods, I have witnessed some pretty astonishing things. One of the most common is how people seem to think that they should get everything for free and not have to invest at all in their business development. They do fall into the mindset of “something for nothing”.
They think nothing of constantly trying to get something for nothing yet think others should pay for everything they have to offer. It simply does not work this way.
Don’t make the mistake of trying to get everything for free. In many ways, this supports a lack mentality.
Again, it’s the Universal law – you reap what you sow. Those who have an aversion to paying for information will find it difficult to attract paying customers. This is directly in line with the Law of Attraction.
If we believe we can’t afford to spend any money to build a business, we are energetically putting up a wall to our own abundance.
It’s easy to attract money
One of the easiest ways to attract money into your business is to willingly pay others for their products and services.
However, you have to be discerning in your investments. Avoid the opposite thinking of having to buy anything and everything that comes your way.
A few simple guidelines that can make all the difference in the world are have a vision, be flexible, invest as needed in information, hire mentors, learn what you need to, be realistic but be willing to stretch yourself.
One of the greatest challenges will be to not get seduced by all the “bright shiny objects” you will encounter. You can quickly be taken off course if you are not aware of what you need to do and don’t need to do.
What’s your vision
Something that  can help a great deal is to develop a vision board. Included in your vision should be more than the outward things you wish to achieve. Start with the lifestyle you want to create. Take the vision beyond the obvious or simply the outward achievements and financial gains.
If you want to make money simply to make money, you can do this. However, you will find it is much easier to burn out and give up if your sole motivator is making money.
What is the higher purpose for what you do? What would you be able to do for causes that are important to you if money were not an issue? Myself, I love being able to help out animal rescue organizations; homeless shelters, literacy programs, etc. Because my business is profitable I am able to do this without the fear I won’t have enough to pay my bills.
It wasn’t always this way. There was a time I was so concerned about spending anything that I continually created the reality of not having enough to do all I wanted to do. As I grasped the concept of reaping what you sow, little by little my thinking and my actions changed. So much in fact, that now I have a very deep sense of gratitude each and every time I contribute to worthy causes.
In closing, here’s what I recommend you do. Think of the life you would like to live. What will having this life do for you and others? Where can you make a difference by creating this? Who can you impact? What organizations can you support?
Once you have this vision clearly defined, the next question to ask is, “What am I willing to do to achieve this? What knowledge do I need, what books should I read, what courses should I take, what mentors should I hire?”
By identify not only what you want, but also what you need to do to get this, you are in a much better position to achieve your outcome in ways that will amaze and surprise you.
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