This is the time of year many people begin thinking about the coming year. Often the focus is on how to build their business beyond where it currently stands.
Before you can grow your business you have to know your business. Actually, what you really need to know is where your greatest throughput is.
What this simply means is, “Where are you getting the greatest results for your time, money and efforts?”
To get the most out of 2012 evaluate 2011.

  • How did you use your time?
  • Were you as productive as possible as much as possible?
  • What were your greatest profit centers?
  • Which were your least profitable projects?

As we move closer to 2012 have you given thought to the necessary changes you need to make for the coming year?
A powerful question to consider is this, “What’s one thing that I can do to improve productivity and increase profit margins?”
Based on your answer when will you begin?
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