If you know anything about marketing online you know you absolutely must test your marketing campaigns.
If you don’t test, you’re either playing at marketing, you think you’re saving costs by not spending on testing, you don’t want to admit you may not have gotten it right the first time, or you just don’t know how to test.
Not to test falls into the category of “playing” at marketing.
If you’re playing at marketing, you’re playing with the success of your business.
If saving money is your reason, bottom-line is your making a huge mistake.
If you think you should get it right the first time, that’s just not realistic. Granted, the longer you market and the more you know about marketing the closer you get each time. Yet, there will be times that no matter how much you know or how long you’ve been in the game of marketing, you miss the mark. Don’t beat yourself up.
Pick yourself up, brush the dust off and move forward.
If you don’t know how to test you need to learn and/or hire someone to help you. Simple as that.
Something essential to great results is to know what your market wants, needs and is willing to take an action on.
An action might be to opt-in to your offer. It may be to purchase your offer. It may be to share something you’ve asked people to share with people they are connected with on social networks.
Regardless of the action, you need to know if the action is being taken.
So what can you expect from testing?
An increase with:

  • Open rates of emails
  • Click through rates
  • Conversions
  • Revenues

Shockingly, the  majority of people trying to make money by way of online means do NOT test.
This is a huge mistake.
When told they need to test lots of people get very frustrated saying, “That’s too much work.”
Ultimately, the reason you test is to be visible in front of the right market with the right message and offer.
The more you know what to do, the less it ultimately costs you and the higher your ROI – return on investment.
Recently we began an advertising campaign on Facebook. We are promoting a livestream that takes place on April 17th. In order to get the greatest results we are being very strategic in our ad campaign.
To begin, we determined who would be a great fit for the livestream. Based on this  information we are able to target where my ads show up.
Next, we ran several versions of the same ad  using different images, headlines, verbiage and colors.
Doing so took us from a few dollars per conversion to pennies on the dollar. That’s a huge difference. Bringing the cost per conversion down allows me to do more advertising resulting in more opt ins resulting in more visibility with my target market.
A huge part of the success of any campaign is to make sure you are in front of the right eyeballs. After all, if I’m spending money to be in front of those who are not my “sweet spot” potential clients it is a waste of money rather than an investment.
To get the greatest result you must be willing to invest time, money and effort into your marketing campaigns.
Doing so results in more eyeballs on you and your offers.
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