Have you ever thought about the correlation between optimal health and business? Actually, the two have a great deal in common.
Like many people I slipped into a pattern of unhealthy eating, little exercise and the “I’ll get around to it tomorrow” syndrome. This led to low energy that was not my desire for my personal or professional life.
Before I knew it I was not where I wanted to be with my health. Not that there was anything drastically wrong, but being a middle aged woman I know the risks that even a 20 pound weight gain can have.
A few months ago I decided to take control of the situation. I began working with a nutritionist who guided me through the process of reclaiming my health.

The results are nothing short of amazing. To say I’m proud of my accomplishments may be a bit understated. I’m ecstatic.
What I realize though is, Sandi could only guide me. I had to make the day by day choices to get where I visioned myself to be.
As I took my 3 mile power walk this morning I saw a strong connection to reclaiming my health and running a successful business.
Here’s just a few of the similarities. To achieve optimal health and create a successful business you have to:
1. have specific goals
2. be committed to success
3. create an environment that supports your success
4. take action every day moving in the direction of your vision
5. be willing to let go of things that no longer work
6. periodically go through a clearing out or cleansing process
7. realize you may not see the little changes every day but over time the with the proper vision, commitment and actions the changes are incredible.
The greatest benefit of reclaiming our health is the clarity of mind that comes with this to have even more clarity on what we can accomplish with our businesses.
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